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Franz Von: Tracks That Shaped My Sound

Drafting the likes of Marseille-based artist Cynthia Bahy, Franz Von's new track ‘Her Frequency’ is a collaboration connecting two scenes. Infusing elements of contemporary sounds with the golden-era of hip-hop and jazz – the Sheffield prodigy has formed a distinct sound of his own that encourages listeners to engage with their inner strength. Having already gained previous support from BBC Introducing Sheffield, Amazing Radio, Naga Mag, Word Is Bond, Groovin’ Mood, and more, Franz Von is gearing up for his forthcoming EP dropping in May! We spoke to him about the tracks that shaped his sound, enjoy!

Nas - N.Y. State of Mind

Nas' lyrical storytelling ability is descriptive and articulate. He says so much within a few words/bars. Listening to this song, you can almost feel like you've been transported to New York in the 90's. His lyrical content and style of rap has been a massive inspiration throughout my music career. Lauryn Hill - Lost Ones

I love the production, how the beat sounds almost simple and minimal but still has a massive impact. I love Lauryn Hill's punchy and melodic flow. Her words are full of wisdom in almost every bar. The whole track has that raw old school reggae toasting hip hop vibe. I can imagine someone drumming a similar rhythm on a desk or kitchen table during a rap cypher. Sizzla - Rise to the Occasion

This is such a powerful and inspirational track. Sizzla's delivery is passionate, strong and heartfelt, really motivational. I first heard Rise to the Occasion while visiting family in Jamaica. I felt so empowered at the time and still do everytime I listen to it. This song is one of the influences in my writing and underlying messages of empowerment, particularly in my track 'Power Be You'. Klashnekoff - Son of Niya

One of my favourite tracks from his album The Sagas of Klashnekoff. I love the sampled acapella intro, the strong Jamaican influences and the sense of spirituality about the song. The Nyabinghi drums and rasta chanting during the breakdown between the verses sounds great. Klashnekoff's lyrics are powerful and poetic.

This song inspired some of the writing as well as the structure and style of my track 'Her Frequency' in expressing a spiritual connection to the universe.

Little Simz - Venom

She really displays her lyrical skills and amazing flow on this track. It's very motivational for me to write bars whenever I listen to this track. LittleSimz flow is fearless on this. She is a big inspiration.


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