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FOCUS Wales set to shine at SXSW 2024, spearheading a new wave of Welsh talent on the global stage

As SXSW 2024 approaches, FOCUS Wales gears up to showcase an impressive lineup of Welsh talent, in a groundbreaking collaboration with Wales Arts International, Creative Wales, and the Welsh Government. The largest Wales @ SXSW event to date will shine a spotlight on seven standout Welsh acts: Gruff Rhys, Islet, HMS Morris, Lemfreck, Aleighcia Scott, Minas, and Otto Aday, marking a significant milestone in the journey of FOCUS Wales and the wider Welsh music scene, both at home and abroad.

Evolved from its roots as an annual highlight for the Welsh music industry, FOCUS Wales has now secured a prestigious spot in the Arts Council of Wales portfolio, its commitment to international exposure and year-round initiatives expanding its influence and reinforcing its role in shaping Wales' cultural identity.

This year kicked off with FOCUS Wales making history at the ESNS showcase, spotlighting three Welsh artists and garnering international media praise, highlighting its commitment to promoting Welsh talent worldwide. Following this, the Trawsnewid:Transform festival, a sell-out event in partnership with Aberystwyth Arts Centre, featured groundbreaking performances from Welsh music luminaries such as Gwenno and Gruff Rhys. This commitment continued with a St David's Day show in London, showcasing Welsh music's local, national, and international appeal.

The main event, set for 9th - 11th May in Wrexham, North Wales, promises a staggering lineup of 250+ artists, including Spiritualized, The Mysterines, and The Royston Club, making it an essential platform for Welsh artists, including a significant representation of Welsh language talent.

FOCUS Wales' international scope includes artists from five continents and over two dozen countries, underscoring its dedication to cultural diversity and global reach. As 2024 unfolds, FOCUS Wales is poised to further cement its status as a global influencer in the Welsh music industry.

Join the FOCUS Wales team at The Creek & The Cave in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday, March 13th, 2024, starting at 7:30pm for complimentary drinks and networking, followed by an electrifying showcase of new Welsh music at 8:00pm. For more information and to secure your delegate passes and tickets, visit


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