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Essentials: Golden Éire Records

The trajectory of Irish Hip-Hop is steadily ascending, and at the forefront of this movement stands Odd Numbers, known by his birth name Odhrán O’Brien, determined to fortify its roots and channel a fresh surge of Irish ingenuity.

Originating from the quaint town of Cavan nestled in the heart of Ireland, this beat-craftsman derives inspiration from a continuously expanding array of artists and producers. He attributes his diverse discography to influential figures like MF DOOM, Kenny Beats, and Mac Miller.

Since making his debut splash in 2020, Odd Numbers has been the mastermind behind the sonic landscapes of a group of emerging Irish talents, among them Wallfella, Hazey Haze, and Local Boy. Defying easy categorization, his artistic approach eludes a singular defining sound. Instead, the producer opts to customize his beats for each artist, providing them with a familiar canvas upon which to express themselves while simultaneously embarking on new sonic explorations. Drawing from various junctures in the Hip-Hop timeline, Odd Numbers adeptly transitions between classic, modern, and alternative vibes with each fresh endeavor.

Odhrán is responsible for Golden Éire Records, which is an independent label intent on harnessing a new wave of Irish creativity. Their mission is to showcase the vibrant and diverse Hip-Hop scene in Ireland, amplifying the voices and stories of both emerging artists and those already established within the scene. Created by artists, for artists, our foundation lies in a profound understanding of the modern music industry, allowing us to curate a nurturing ecosystem where Irish artists can thrive. We spoke to Odhrán about artists to check out in the Emerald Isles.


Wallfella was one of my earliest collaborators in the Irish Hip-Hop space and is one of my most trusted peers to date. I've watched him grow as an artist and his sincerity is something that can only be championed. No ego involved, just pure talent.

Flynn Johnson

I met Flynn Johnson just over a year ago and, like Wallfella, the creative chemistry was instant. He's an artist who wears his heart on his sleeve and always has a clear picture of how things should sound. This guy will come up with a killer hook in 0.3 seconds and his attention to detail is unmatched.


I consider Qbanaa my Soul counterpart. You can tell how much community and the genuine love of music play into her day-to-day as an artist -- from running the Soul Juice events to her consistent activity in the Irish gig circuit. We've yet to connect on anything music-related but I've been admiring the work ethic from afar!


one of my favourite lyricists in Ireland, Fynch blends braggadocio and self-depreciation like no other. He has a unique way of catching the pocket on beats that creates a groove that's almost palpable. Really looking forward to seeing what he does next.


I had to shout-out a fellow producer here. ROC is someone I've looked up to since I started making beats. He's also someone with a lot of love for the Irish music community and does his part to support local talent. Aside from music, ROC is an incredible videographer, photographer, and artist. A truly multifaceted creative.


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