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Ducie Street Warehouse Announce Interactive Ableton Sessions

Manchester's Ducie Street Warehouse has just announced a collaboration with music production software trainers Ableton User Group. Over the next few weeks, the venue will play host to a series of interactive user sessions for aspiring producers of all ability levels to build their production skills with Ableton Live.

These sessions will be run by a team of trained Ableton veterans, bringing a plethora of experience ranging across genres, from hip hop to electronic dance music. They will explore the versatile capabilities of Ableton Live, covering how it can be used to perform live, how to utilise its huge set of inbuilt features, and how to organise a production process through project breakdowns.

Beginning June 17th, sessions will then take place on 26th August, 28th October, and 16th December, from 7pm to 9pm at each session. You can register for free HERE.


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