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In a dynamic collision of New York's emerging hip-hop talent, Sugarhill Ddot, the teen sensation, joins forces once again with Newark's rising star BBG Steppaa to drop the highly anticipated "Spinnin’ Pt. 2," available now on Priority Records. A sequel to their summer anthem "Spinnin’," the track is a sonic powerhouse, featuring menacing production by AyyoLucas and Kosfinger, paired with the duo's rapid-fire bars that underscore why Ddot is making waves in NYC's thriving drill scene.

The cinematic journey began with "Spinnin'," set against the backdrop of BBG’s Newark hometown. Now, with "Spinnin’ Pt 2," the duo shifts the narrative to the streets of New York in a visually gripping experience directed by Rari Digital, complete with a cameo from the notable DD Osama.

Ddot's unapologetic verses set the tone, declaring, "I ain’t taking no chances, Imma op ‘til I see that they bleed," over pulsating percussion and ominous violin loops. BBG Steppaa adds his distinctive flair, rapping, "Aye aye glock on my hip on the left side, Aye aye I’m trying to spit make a jet fly." The result is a raucous, rowdy track that showcases the undeniable creative chemistry between the two artists.

"Spinnin’ Pt. 2" follows Ddot’s recent melodic hit, "My Baby," and a string of releases, including the dance-ready "Shake It," the fiery "Make A Mess," and the Miami-inspired “3AM In The Yams” collaboration with Luh Tyler. Notably, "Let Ha Go," produced by MCVertt (Lil Uzi Vert), marked Ddot's debut on Priority Records, accompanied by a visually striking video directed by George Buford (Ice Spice).

Starting his journey at the age of 13, Ddot has been a force to be reckoned with. His self-released tracks like “I Wanna Love You,” “Dream,” and “The Real Purge” have collectively garnered over 16 million views on YouTube, offering just a glimpse into this rising phenomenon. With a staggering 46 million streams in the U.S. alone, Sugarhill Ddot is set to make his Rolling Loud debut in Los Angeles on March 15th, 2024, marking an exciting chapter in his burgeoning career.


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