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Cultivating Community With EVE

Imposter syndrome is ubiquitous. Everyone encounters it at some point, but it’s especially

prominent for young creatives. It’s near impossible to weigh yourself against others and it’s

detrimental to do so. Whether it’s your first Soundcloud mix, trying to monetise a passion project or

stepping into a new role; it is natural.

Wrestling with your worth comes with the subjective nature of art. Large publications can have an unachievable or untouchable essence which can reinforce this, but EVE takes a more inclusive and friendly approach. It strives to collate pieces from a range of disciplines, showing their independent brilliance with an inherent sense of community throughout. The founding editors, Chloe and Olivia have been housemates the whole way through their

time at Leeds Arts, where this passion project came to fruition. During their Fashion Branding with

Communications course they were tasked to create their own publication.

Having found it rewarding, they looked to turning their experience into a tangible, extra-curricular project. University briefs can introduce you to areas you would not have expected, but applying these lessons in your own time can offer you even more ownership of the work. Olivia conceptualised the name from the parable of Adam and Eve and they worked to create a platform for multifaceted young artists to gain exposure. EVE already has a release under its belt, their ‘Quaranzine’ was an ambitious and successful maiden voyage. The submissions were based on a criteria of creativity

and professionalism, whilst the content shined through for itself.

EVE champions the diversity of its contributors’ work, but trying to collate all of this into a

coherent aesthetic can be difficult. So, moving forward they are looking to set a theme for each

edition. Given the broad range of contributions in both style and discipline, the themes need to be

open for interpretation. The themes are colours and the upcoming submissions orbit the colour and

ideology of green. Chloe and Olivia made this choice during Summer and it has fresh and positive

connotations for them. This is the latest step in EVE’s evolution. There’s a sense of pride about the

project so it certainly won’t be the last. They both relayed to me that although it is time consuming,

it doesn’t feel like hard work because it’s so rewarding. Their working relationship leans on one

another, as they both enjoy different segments of the process. This creative ‘Ying and Yang’ acts

as a microcosm for EVE’s philosophy of artistic amalgamation.

Part of the enigma of the publication is that it creates a self sufficient economy for young

creatives. Not a financial economy, but one with a cyclical nature of support. Submissions are

rewarded on their merit, not their professional recognition. Everyone’s welcome and as EVE grows,

as will the exposure of their contributors and their ever-expanding community. The ‘Green Edition' will be released on the 5th February and it is EVE’s first printed issue.

Order the print on the 5th February at:


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