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Our release of the week comes courtesy of Croft. Out today, Friday 9th December, his debut mixtape is out on the revered Manchester-based record label Left, Right & Centre. The mixtape ‘Better Than Restless Dreams’ is a live set of his latest ‘Melting' EP release on the label. Both releases tilt towards a slower range of tempo that he’s previously embarked upon, showcasing his prowess and progress into new rhythms.

Croft speaks of the release, “I’ve always really enjoyed live sets and performing my original tracks, this is 100% Croft productions and an extension of the soundscape of the release. Consisting of unheard unreleased material, tracks reimagined from the Melting EP and improvised sketches; all performed live using the Soma Pulsar 23 and my modular system.”

Currently based in Nottingham, Croft has been producing and performing contemporary electronic music for the last eight years and intermittently releasing since 2016. He has previously released on Scuffed Recordings, Universal Language and MNSHN Records, where he has mostly orbited the breadth realms of UK Techno.

Croft is inspired by live performance and connection through music, creating an elaborate sound design from long jamming sessions in his studio with multiple layers and honed techniques that give an enduring impact to his listeners. Left, Right & Centre are thrilled to have this EP display the scope and versatility of the genre they wish to promote through the record label.

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