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Bandcamp Live: Bandcamp Launch Live streaming Platform

Initially launched last November, Bandcamp Live is now officially rolling out.

Bandcamp Live is effectively a platform that facilitates virtual concerts and performances. It allows artists to create ticketed events for which an audience can purchase admission tickets, and tune into the broadcast.

The platform will also integrate several other features. Viewers will be able to access merch stores during viewing, will be able to contribute to a live chat within the broadcast, and will be notified of any upcoming virtual shows by email.

Whilst Bandcamp will take a cut, it is characteristically low, with only 10% compared to Youtube's 30%. All in all, it's great news for artists who want to have more control over their music and how it is distributed to the world, which is what Bandcamp has always been about.

While perhaps slightly late onto the scene considering the evident need for such a platform in the depths of lockdown, it is a welcome addition to Bandcamp's functionality nevertheless. In an increasingly virtual world, it's likely that this kind of pay-for-view online experience is set to become something of a norm in the coming decades, so best get used to it now.


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