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Afrodeutsche to Release the Score She Wrote for 'Kamali'

Manchester based DJ and producer Afrodeustche (Henrietta Smith-Rolla) has announced that she will be releasing the score that she wrote for Kamali, a documentary released last year that follows a 7-year-old skater in India.

Whilst filming a music video about women skateboarders, filmmaker Sasha Rainbow spotted Kamali, then a 7-year-old, carving up the skate ramps with professional ease. From that moment, she knew this was a story worth recording. Since then, 'Kamali' has become an extremely well received documentary, receiving a BAFTA nomination for Best Short Film.

However, the emotional gravitas of the documtary would not perhaps be at the level it is without it's score. That's where Henrietta comes in, with her stripped back piano set up to provide a poignant, sensitive soundtrack to this amazing story.

The score will be released via SA Recordings, the label arm of Spitfire Audio, on 8 October. You can read our interview with Afrodeutsche here.

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