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Wigflex Festival Have Created A Club Alternative With Their New Online Platform

Wigflex Festival and Multimodal are teaming up to present Fleximodal TV, a streaming platform designed as a club alternative during the pandemic.The two institutions are partnering to present four channels of media via Fleximodal TV. Sets are to be helmed by artists such as Ben UFO, Actress, Danielle, Parris and more. On the audiovisual programme, mixes from Midland and Peder Mannerfelt will come with bespoke visuals. Call Super will present an archive mix, named Hard House, alongside a show by AAVA.Studios.

Furthermore, Fleximodal TV will host a series of productions as part of its Black Bandcamp showcase. Expect to hear music from rRoxymore, Batu, Ian DPM and more. A month-long physical exhibition will also be held in an unused, socially-distanced bunker located in Nottingham. Check out the full line-up below. Head to Fleximodal TV for further information.

Music from: Actress Adam Curtain Adam Pits Aicha Audiobahn Ben UFO Call Super Congi Coralie Daisy Godfrey Danielle Darc city Daseplate desmond Dudley Strangeways Frost Geoim G3CKO GiGi FM Hizatron Ido Plumes JAY Kay Fabe Kassian Kiara Scuro Lisene LNR Lone & Esqueezy Lukas Wigflex LvndLxrd Metaphi Midland Niks presents the best of black bandcamp unreleased NVST Parris Peach fuzz Peder Mannerfelt Perspective Pete beardsworth R.O.S.H Snowy Son of Philip Sonja Moonear Stem Sybertekh Tamer sallam Toe Syszlak Unbound Vandall Yazmin Lacey

Videos, art and performance Alice Nimier AVVA Studio Baba Swettham Diogo olivero Dspall Gabriel Balagué Julia de Martino Ixian Optical Manjit Sahota Marija Marc Mathilde Avogadro Multimodal NINA NANA Oil Productions Olly animator Poets Against Racism Prefix studios *Render gal Simone Salvatici Will Plowman Wolfgang Buttress

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