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The Records That Shaped My Sound: Premaura

PREMAURA is an emerging artist from Yorkshire who has attracted support from BBC Introducing and ITV Calendar. One to watch, it has been an exciting journey so far- playing an array of live shows. Premaura brings forth her soulful drive- a strong pop sensibility - and a unique creative identity. Shedelves into the transformative power of sound, using binaural beats within her work. Heightened andassisted in live performance by a rotating cast of musicians, the sound is textured, spacey andatmospheric.

Her latest releases 'Impermanence' is our favourite to date, so much so that we wanted to get a bit more insight into the track, finding out records that influenced the track. Here are the 5 records that influenced Impermanence:

Shura- Touch

This is one of my all time favourite tracks, for me it never gets old. It has that synthpop vibe that just takes me away, melancholy and nostalgic. Her vocals are dreamy and we really took inspiration from this fantastic artist.

The XX- I Dare You

I love the XX for how they deliver with such integrity and simplicity. We took inspiration from them in this sense. I also love how they employ their echoey guitar amongst the synths and electronic beats.

Christine And The Queens- Comme Si

I admire the production quality of her music and she presents her vocals. She was my main reference when it came to mixing and mastering.

Anna Of The North- Lovers

I love the way Anna balances the electronic futuristic energy of synthpop whilst still managing to bear her soul. She elegantly layers her vocals and tells her her story with ease.

Nao- Orbit

I appreciate Nao's soulful vocals. She has a beautiful range and the vocals sit perfectly amongst the 'Wonky Funk', as she describes it. Nao also underpins her music with a spiritual message without preaching to people, which I really admire. Being spiritual myself, I am also mindful of this- inclusive inspiration is what I aim for personally.

I would like to express my gratitude to Chris Mulligan for creating this track with me.

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