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Getting to Know: Veghun

In a society that is turning increasingly towards both meat- free alternatives and online forms of information, 'veghun_' has come at perhaps the perfect time. Set up by Kelsea Bennet, '@veghun_' is an instagram account set up with the aim of providing a source of information for fellow vegans with a vast array of plant-based recipes. We wanted to have a chat with Kelsea all about how she first came to become vegan, and about how this platform can be a useful tool for others thinking of taking the same step.

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you decided to make the account?

I’m Kelsea, I’m 22 and I’m a covid-19 English Lit & Theatre graduate. I currently work in sales where you will see my hash tag desk-dishes and an office toastie machine. I decided to make the account to document my journey from veggie-vegan but it quickly became just a ‘vegan’ account as the transition was easier than expected. To be honest, I class myself as plant-based because veganism involves many other lifestyle changes that I’m slowly adjusting to. BUT ‘plantbasedhun’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it…

What or who inspired you to become vegan?

Honestly… myself!!! I’d wanted to go vegan for a long time but there was always an excuse as to why I wouldn’t make the jump from veggie – vegan (it seemed massive, but realistically, it was maybe like, a step HAHA) Time’s that I broke my vegetarianism always came from booze and I’d somehow end up in McDonalds, adamant that I was eating ‘tomato nuggets’. At the beginning of lockdown, I went sober and this allowed me to have a think about some of my other lifestyle choices. Therefore, I no longer had the ‘I’m veggie until I drink and don’t know what I’m doing’ excuse. I’m a very impulsive person, so I can’t lie – it was 100% an impulsive decision that came one day when I realised that I should stop being slack with my morals and ethics. I’d made an accidentally vegan meal and decided to snap a photo then the next minute, I’ve got another Instagram account. I never imagined that people would want to follow me, I just thought it would be me going on with myself. As a side note, I did read lots of literature that armed me with the tools to discuss and think about veganism but the inspiration definitely came from within as I never felt comfortable eating animal produce, hence why it always came in moments of intoxication. My mum also eats 90% plant based so it’s been easier living back home with a veggie parent!

Is this your first time going vegan?

Actually, no! I tried in my first year at Uni after being veggie for eight years but I don’t think I was ready. It lasted about a week and in hindsight, I was ill informed and saw it as a kind of ‘trend’, I didn’t have enough information which was solely my own fault because I chose to be lazy and live in ignorance.

Do you think having an audience watching you go vegan has made it an easier or harder process?

Easier, definitely. I made sure to keep my account honest from the beginning and that way, I feel I’ve built up a following of like-minded people who appreciate my honesty rather than perfection. Therefore, I never feel pressured to be a poster for veganism. For example, my Dad decided to slab a HONK of lurpak butter on to my peas because he didn’t know butter wasn’t vegan (lol) and I was honest about that and still uploaded a photo. I’m not an expert so I never wanted my account to be informative or preachy, there’s other people who occupy that space perfectly! But that’s not me, I’m a newbie and Veghun is simply, a place for me to post food I’ve enjoyed and steal recipes off other people!

What other vegan eating/recipe accounts give you inspiration?

I wouldn’t say I take inspiration from anyone as such, I either love their content or I’ll straight up copy their meals. There isn’t much in between! I tend not to follow the big vegan accounts as it feels less personal (no shade because they’re all killing it,) but it’s just not always the content I like to see. I engage most with those who post random meals and give honest opinions on products because that’s what I need to know before I try new things! Honestly there’s too many to name and everyone is so sound, but I’ll choose a top 5 who have perhaps influenced me and deserve commission based off what they’ve unknowingly sold to me lol … (in no particular order)

  • @jenuinely.vegan I copy all of her biscoff recipes!

  • @millievegan and @veganezer host themed days which motivates me to try new stuff. I lived for ‘flippin Friday’ and actually bossed pancakes for once! Which I wouldn’t have tried without their virtual cook off.

  • @vgangreviews is one of my favourites because he posts product reviews and gives really honest opinions. We started our accounts at a similar time and have ended up becoming friends which is something I just never expected from a food account!

  • @the_hungry_herbivore posts her recipes really concisely which is so helpful , it puts me to shame because I’m always too lazy to type them out

  • @plantbasedpiggie is currently running #TasteTheVeganRainbow which I love and it makes her feed look amazing – I will definitely be getting involved soon.

What recipe have you been most proud of so far?

Aw this is so rubbish because I literally copied it off Jen (mentioned above) but definitely the HUGE lotus flapjacks I made! I’d had a few ‘baking disasters’ and the no-bake flapjacks turned out A-mazingly. My mum even said they were “heavenly” and she usually hates my cooking. It became clear that just putting everything in the fridge is my kind of baking (?) I was proud of it because I had such low expectations that it was a genuine shock when everything actually stuck together properly. I remember cutting into it and being like ‘wow, that’s actually a real flapjack’ – that looked good & tasted even better.

What can we look forward to seeing on your account?

Probably just more rambly captions that don’t make much sense and pictures of bang-average food in front of the bush at the bottom of my garden.

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