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  • Neive McCarthy

Do BROCKHAMPTON ever sleep?

Do Brockhampton ever sleep? Six albums in just over three years, worldwide tours – it’s no surprise they’re renowned for being one of the most hard-working bands in the music industry. The hip-hop collective are bouncing back after last autumn’s GINGER, and they are now supplying us with Technical Difficulties Radio. Releasing two new songs a week that are removed after a week, their new venture is exclusive and as fresh as it gets.

A JPEGMAFIA feature was a stroke of genius. ‘chain on / hold me’ sees the beloved rapper slide in perfectly with the rest of the Brockhampton gang, offering slick bars to match their slick beats. Tinged with 90s hip-hop and sampling Wu-Tang Clan, this is a new side to Brockhampton, but one they pull off immaculately. They have perfected the art of demonstrating their wide spanning influences in an incredibly subtle and nuanced way, and their collaborations become increasingly impressive. Brockhampton are at their best when they are shaking things up, an ‘chain on / hold me’ is the perfect example of this.

‘Fishbone’ is a slice of classic Brockhampton. Layers of distorted production and powerfully led by Kevin Abstract, the only grievance with the track is its lack of originality – the band play it incredibly safe, and at times it runs the risk of sounding slightly too alike their other releases. However, in a sense they play to this, having now identified their strengths and utilising them even more. Over their last few releases, Bearface has become an increasingly important member – his vocals towards the end of ‘fishbone’ are redemptive. Merlyn’s verse is a raucous and vibrant as ever: the collective seem to have developed a strong method for many of their tracks, and whilst it verges on repetitive, they are always thought-provoking and polished.

The two tracks, though somewhat different, are the perfect vibe for a lowkey summer. Their laidback beats and easy-going raps are the exact chill, creative sounds we need right now – blast them whilst you can.

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