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Gerd Janson played a social distancing rave in Münster

Resident Advisor recently shared a video of Gerd Janson playing at a social distancing rave in Münster. In what might be the first legal dance party in Europe in months, Gerd Janson played to the small, socially-distanced crowd last night.

It is the first known legal rave to have been held in Europe in months, giving a great sense of hope to party-goers all around. The video shows little blocked off circles around the dancefloor, which ravers used to maintain social distancing. Whilst it's certainly miles away from what we know as raving, it is still a truly invigorating video to see people take to the dancefloor once again and be brought together with music .

Dr Chris Smith of Cambridge University believes it is "too optimistic" to think such social gatherings will take place. "We won't even have got a vaccine into people by the end of 2020" the Cambridge University lecturer told the BBC. "The government has cost the country billions to get the transmission rate right down, and we know that a very good catalyst for spreading the thing and amplifying cases is getting loads of people together again, and that's exactly what goes on at concerts, matches, and other kinds of parties. "So I can't see them saying, 'You know what, we think everyone needs a party' - it's too soon."

Whilst venues and clubs will most likely be shut until 2021, the video certainly alludes to a sense of hope & euphoria music can provide for us in such testing times. It is crucial that during these times DJ, Promoters, Producers & Ravers all come together to spread a message of hope and remind everyone that 'We Will Dance Again'.

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