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Slowthai releases third track this week 'BB(BODYBAG)'

Slowthai has released ‘BB (BODYBAG)’, his third single release this week. The track, which arrived last night (May 14), is produced by Dom Maker and samples James Blake. You can listen to ‘BB (BODYBAG)’ below.

When talking about the release of the track he wrote “Some British rappers might rap in a way that’s very general, because they don’t want their regionality to get in the way of them blowing up or getting a Drake co-sign, but that’s not me,”

“I want to write references that you will only get if you’re British because, growing up, I was taught to be proud of where you come from. I could aim to take over the world and fall flat on my arse. This place where I’m from, Britain, is the only place I truly understand, as that’s my home, so why would I rap about anything else? So long as I can be the King of Northampton, that’s all that matters.”

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