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Dark pop powerhouse ALLORA debut tantalising single ‘Creature’

Dark pop band ALLORA have released their latest single ‘Creature’, a song which grapples toxicity hidden under the guise of silken, harmony-driven vocals. The group first made a name for themselves on the Leeds music scene in late 2018, and continue to impress with their slick production and powerful guitar leadlines.

‘Creature’ is the highly anticipated follow up track to their debut single ‘Burned’, which earned the trio a loyal following. After headlining the iconic Key Club venue, as well as taking the stage at Belgrave Music Hall and the O2 Academy to name a few, Allora have amassed fans through gig interaction alone.

ALLORA seem to have mastered the art of melding enticing, catchy riffs with haunting powerhouse vocals. A sombre and raw listening experience, ‘Creature’ lyrically tackles the enigma of wanting to leave a toxic relationship, but not wanting to lose the person. Laying all feelings bare, ALLORA describe ‘Creature’ as “an honest story of the heartache of someone who was once held in such high regard, reducing themselves to a creature through their manipulative, monstrous ways.” With such a heavy subject matter, it hardly seems like ALLORA are newcomers - their professionalism and deft composition beguiles their young age. For this group, an exciting future awaits. ‘Creature’ is available now on all platforms.

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