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SG Lewis releases funk heavy track 'Chemicals'

Fresh from a glimmering production feature on Dua Lipa’s sophomore album, SG Lewis arrived back with a bang this week with ‘Chemicals’. Sun-kissed is the name of the game for the producer here, in a track with summer injected in every beat. Straying away from his more quintessential laid-back beats, Lewis hurls you into the throes of a swirling summer romance sound-tracked by intoxicating synth and pure funk.

Detailing the coursing emotions of being rendered entirely helpless to the powers of infatuation, Lewis combines a glorious bass line with a heavy dosing of falsetto to craft arguably one of the best songs to come out of lockdown. The multi-talented artist conjures up a heady rush of flashing neon colour and sizzling heat, amidst seductive tongue-in-cheeky lyrics and a splash of disco. It is an incredibly strong combination, one perfectly made to echo across the rooftops of Headrow House in the future – drink in hand, sun on face, the perfect anthem to lift you through those hazy summer days.

Without a doubt one of his best releases to date, SG Lewis seems on the verge of something much bigger. ‘Chemicals’ is a slice of sunshine that is all the more glittering amongst the chaos of the present moment – its palpable good vibes are needed more than ever. Once again, SG Lewis finds himself in pride of place in an abundance of summer playlists and there he shall stay.

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