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Escape Act live from King Kong Towers

Carl Bedford is a walking podcast... I've been on the phone to him for just five minutes and we've discussed his numerous trips to Burning Man, his encounters with Native Americans during an eclipse and his recent set in the Mexican jungles. Whilst carrying a distinctly humble demeanour, Carl is a character whose stories and tone scream adventure. In the short time we've been speaking it becomes increasingly evident that Carl's lust for life and sense of adventure has given him a lifetime of unforgettable experiences, that most of us would only encounter once or twice in our life. I talk on the phone to Carl from our makeshift studio in Hyde Park, Leeds, talking to him from his home in Antwerp, Belgium that he aptly names King Kong Towers, I certainly know which place I'd rather be. A picture on his Facebook shows his preparation for tonights set, an immaculate medley of colours, shapes and structures for the raving faithful. A closer look reveals a plethora of immaculate art and truly jaw-dropping pieces like a live-size Gorilla from a film set and a Girona Giraffe painted by Nicolas Dixon. I shake off my morning hangover with a filtered coffee as we carry on speaking, Carl's stories slowly easing me out of the sluggish state that we can all relate to during this time. That's what it is all about for Carl, his yearning to surpass this often humdrum existence, to elevate himself and others to adopt and embrace a more conscious and efficacious attitude to our day-to-day lives .

Carl has been working on a series of weekly live-streamed mixes, with an array of intergalactic chimes all played on vinyl, to a backdrop of stunning visuals that flood onto King Kong Towers. Whether it's sourcing up to 300 records a month(yes 300), creating stunning visuals, or filming the mix with captivating camera shots, Carl has gone to great efforts for the enjoyment of those tuning in. I tune in on his MARS Session and am blown away by the visuals, filming and sound all perfectly intertwined for a great evening of virtual splendour. I say virtual but the whole thing is very human, reminding us of the real power music has to put a smile on our face and bring us together. It would be an injustice to try and review the whole set, it really is one of those things you just have to experience for yourself.

You can tune in to Carl's mix from 8pm tonight, either on FACEBOOK of Twitch. Due to Facebook trying to steal the party last week and stop his stream, it is advised you watch the stream on Twitch. This week is set to be Carl's best one yet, named ESCAPE ACT: Solar Sunset Session'.

Enjoy & please remember WE WILL DANCE AGAIN.

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