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Wax Palace are looking for DJ's to play at their Festival

Wax Palace are the people responsible for ‘The Kaleidoscope’, a festival set entirely within a 3000 square foot maze filled with sustainably made interactive artwork, hidden dance floors and last year, they had a bar made from a cut-up 2004 Citroen Saxo. Set to a soundtrack ranging from feel-good disco to pounding techno to rolling drum and bass, they asked that attendees enter the maze with no expectations; just get lost and explore. Wax Palace had been throwing heavily themed parties for a while and they decided they wanted to take things one step further.

We spoke to Tilly of Wax Palace all about the festival "We feel that overcrowded venues don’t give you enough space to dance, so we strictly limit attendance and host invite-only events. If you want to come see The Kaleidoscope for yourself, you’ll need to know someone who’s attended before, contribute your musical or artistic talents in some way, or simply drop us a message and show your enthusiasm (we’re very friendly). This way, we hope to foster a community in which everyone is as passionate about the music and art as we are and create a space where people are able to express themselves freely and without judgement."

"We’re currently looking for DJs and live musicians who would be interested in playing a set at this year’s Kaleidoscope. We’re open to submissions from any genre and all levels of experience. Each year we aim to provide up and coming talent with a platform from which they can get a taste of the festival scene. Mixes, recordings and videos must be sent to by midnight on Saturday 18th of April. Though The Kaleidoscope is held in Wiltshire where we grew up, since we both moved up to Leeds for university, we’ve been incredibly keen to start hosting similarly funky events up north. Though our plans have been somewhat thwarted by coronavirus for now, we’re hoping to start putting things in place as soon as we get back in September. So if you can’t make it down to the West Country for The Kaleidoscope, fear not, we’ll be bringing the madness up to Leeds very soon."

You Check out their instagram @wax.palace if you want to get a better idea of the kind of things we get up to.

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