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Interview with Leeds based band Fizzy Blood

Fizzy Blood are a band who are going places, with the Leeds five-piece having high profile support slots, appearances at prestigious festivals and touring the UK. The band’s high energy rock has seen them win plaudits from fans and critics alike, with comparisons to the likes of The Queens of the Stone Age. However, there is also a uniqueness to their sound which sets them apart from many bands.We caught up with them before their busy summer festival schedule to ask about their influences, the future, and, to start with their origins. “We stole the name from Jamie Lenman’s (formerly of Reuben) first solo single because he’s the man. That’s the short version.”

When asked about the local music scene the band answered with refreshing optimism. “We feel it’s a very good thing to be a part of. It is it’s own little community that’s very welcoming of all. You’ll struggle to walk around Leeds on any given night and not find a gig somewhere. There’s always something going on whether it’s a huge show at the First Direct arena or something a little more modest down Merrion Street. Leeds is also home to their favourite U.K. music venue. The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds. If the Leeds music scene is a community, then this is the town hall.

As with many emerging bands, there has been a desire in some quarters to compare them to other artists, with Queens of the Stone Age and Pulled Apart by Horses being used as examples. We asked about this, and how they felt about musical comparisons in general, whether they saw them as useful insight or unnecessary. “We used to care a lot more about what people said and who they said we sounded like, but now to be honest we really couldn’t care less. Part of what makes us the band we are is that we just write the music we feel like writing and not tag it with a label, and just let people make up their own minds.”

The absence of a desire for ‘labels’ on their music becomes apparent when you listen to it, as it cannot be pigeonholed. This makes it clear that the bands influences have been varied, which has certainly benefited the music. “We listen to literally everything as long as it’s good. We know a lot of people that box themselves in a bit musically; well we’re the opposite.From Frank Ocean to Led Zep we absorb it all.”

Fizzy Blood have played several festivals so far in their career, with trips to far flung places such as Texas to South Korea. These have also included world famous festivals such as Reading & Leeds Festival, Download Festival and Reeperbahn Festival. When asked to choose a favourite, they stated, “Zandari Fest in Seoul (South Korea), simply because of how different it was from living in the Western world. Everything was just a little… different, yet somehow the same.” The experience of these makes them more qualified than most to say whether they prefer gigs or festivals. “They’ve each got their pro’s and con’s, I’d probably say festivals at this point just because most of the time they’re a little more chill and always very exciting at the same time. Plus I think now I associate smaller venues and gigs with being knackered from being on tour haha, PTSD and all that.”

Fizzy Blood also have several festival shows this summer, such as at Dot to Dot Festival, Radio One’s Biggest Weekend and Ynot Festival. “I’m looking forward to them all to be honest with you, but one that really sticks out as the one I can’t wait for is Boardmasters. Just because of where it is and the time of year it will be, it’s gonna be great.”

As well as their own tours, the band have also had high profile support slots for the likes of While She Sleeps, Dinosaur Pile-Up and recently Spring King. However, perhaps their most famous support slot was for Californian rock legends Dead Kennedy's on their UK tour. “Yeah it was great. They didn’t wanna hang out too much which I understand. We were all a lot younger and inexperienced at the time and if I were in my 50’s/60’s I know I’d have definitely kept my distance too. They were all great though, and the shows were fantastic.”

Fizzy Blood were the recipients of the PRS Foundation’s Momentum Music Grant, a scheme that has also helped the likes of JAWS and Years & Years. It is clearly a vital programme, for them and other aspiring bands and artists. “Yeah it saved us financially, we wouldn’t have been able to release our latest music without it so it really did help. Artists and bands are always going to need funding for something whether it is music or simply travel expenses to a gig, and money like this grant is invaluable. It can really save careers.”

2018 has been an exciting year for the band, but they still have more to come before the year is out. “Hopefully we’ll be back on the road touring later on in the year once we have all the festivals out of the way. We’ll also have our 3rd EP released not too long from now which we are all very excited about everyone hearing.”

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