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Live Review:This Feeling's Alive Tour

Last week I was part of a thin yet fortunate throng of revellers at Fibbers in York for This Feeling’s Alive tour, featuring Sheafs, BlackWaters, Bang Bang Romeo and The Shimmer Band.

As everyone involved in the British gig scene has come to expect, This Feeling put on a hell of a night that showcased some of the best emerging live acts in the country. As Noel Gallagher very aptly put it; “This Feeling is the best club in the UK for future Rock and Roll stars. They believe in the power of guitars and when Rock and Roll makes its glorious comeback you can bet your arse you heard it first at This Feeling." And this show was no different. Sheafs and The Shimmer Band bookended the night marvellously with the former's pin you to the wall rock and roll and the latter's glittering, delicate riffs. However, it was the acts in the middle, BlackWaters and Bang Bang Romeo, that provided the delectable centre of this musical donut.

All 4 members of Blackwaters. Image: Blackwaters @ Facebook


This London based 4 piece exude raw, punk energy every time they take to the stage and have a battalion of tracks that are armed to the marrow of their very bones with snarling attitude and tongue in cheek lairy-ness.

Their set shook some much-needed life into the threadbare audience and the set-list encapsulated the organised chaos that BlackWaters bring to the table. Visceral and anthemic singles ‘Fuck Yeah’ and ‘Down’ bring the noise that will definitely be infuriating conservative neighbours for years to come. Get them bought, get them downloaded, get them by any means necessary, just get them played. And while you’re there get onto their new single ‘Let The Good Times Roll’, if it doesn’t push your bandwagon down a huge incline then don’t bother reading anything else I’ve got to say.

Bang Bang Romeo:

What can you say about the Doncaster outfits frontwoman, Anastasia Walker, other than wow. It isn’t often that a writer gets stuck for words, but between blowing my ears off the sides of my face and utterly captivating every set of eyes in the room she managed to give a commanding and imperious performance that was utterly matched up to by a band of incredibly talented musicians behind her, leaving nowhere for this bang to go but up as high as their music soars. Bang Bang Romeo’s goliath-esque, soulful blues is far too large to be contained by Fibbers small stage with highlights coming in the form of magnificent, spine tingling epic ‘Chemical’ and the borderline biblical new single ‘Natural Born Astronaut’ that is certain to take the radio waves by the ankles and drag it into a future that is named Bang Bang Romeo. If BlackWaters have the intensity levels of the blazing fires of hell then Bang Bang Romeo provide you with a slice of the heavenly. Which typifies just how diverse and talented the underground rock music scene currently is in the UK. It’s something we can all be proud of and need to continue to support. So, jump on the bandwagon and bring your mates with you. They’ll thank you for it, especially if you take them via a This Feeling event.

Find our featured artists at the usual social media haunts and on Spotify: Bang Bang Romeo;

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