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Working Classics Is Making Queer Music For All

In the heart of a bustling music scene, DJ and producer Shauna is making waves with her new label, Working Classics. Fueled by frustration with the current state of the industry and a commitment to empowering minority artists, Shauna has crafted a label that is as dynamic as it is inclusive.

A self-proclaimed antidote to the industry's shortcomings, Working Classics is more than just a label; it's a movement. Shauna, a seasoned DJ based in Liverpool, has embarked on this journey to address the lack of opportunities and support for artists from marginalized communities. Her brainchild is a beacon of change, challenging the norm and redefining the landscape.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of iconic queer dance floors like Love Muscle, Drip, and AGEOFTHE, Shauna is on a mission to capture the essence of these spaces within her label. Working Classics pulses with playful energy and joy, reflecting the freedom and creativity found on the dance floors that inspire it.

Shauna's vision goes beyond just the beats; it's about creating a haven for artists to experiment and push boundaries without the constraints of mainstream expectations. The label is a working draft, constantly evolving and adapting to permit and facilitate further exploration of the uncharted territories of music.

The debut release on the fledgling Working Classics imprint comes from label boss Shauna. Her second EP proper, 2384, sees the Liverpool-based DJ & producer return to the 4X4 sound in which she first made her name. The title comes from a dystopian dream (or rather nightmare) Shauna had, set in the year 2384, where women no longer had rights. The date has stuck with her ever since. Shauna began writing the EP at the start of 2023 after finding inspiration at Love Muscle, the Leeds-based queer dance party. “I’m always inspired by the queer community, going to a queer party and being surrounded by sweaty, dancing bodies is very energising and I always feel at my most creative after” says Shauna. It’s no surprise, then, that the EP is made for those heaving dance floors that helped Shauna out of a creative slump. Opener, Out Getting Gary is a glitchy, chugging ode to nights spent on a mission. The unrelenting groove of Elektra pays homage to the titular Pose icon, sampling her legendary take down of transphobes. Finally, Mangolicious is an acid-drenched pumper reminding us all to dance.

In an industry where the classics are often defined by established norms, Working Classics flips the script. It stands as a testament to Shauna's commitment to diversity and inclusivity, providing a platform for artists to showcase works of recognized and established value outside the conventional boundaries.

As Working Classics emerges as a force to be reckoned with, it beckons a new era in the music industry. Shauna's label is not just working; it's rewriting the rules, making space for the unheard voices, and proving that true classics are those that break molds and pave the way for a more inclusive musical landscape. Watch this space - Working Classics is just getting started.


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