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VC Pines Unleashes 'SUPERMAN' as Latest Powerhouse Addition to Debut Album 'MRI'"

Following the resounding acclaim for his recent hit singles including "Dangling," "Running," and the captivating "Colours," the latter of which was spotlighted during this year's BBC Glastonbury coverage, VC Pines raises the stakes for his highly anticipated first album 'MRI' with the release of his colossal new track, "SUPERMAN."

Staying true to his signature immersive approach that has become his hallmark, "SUPERMAN" introduces an iridescent layer to VC Pines' already remarkable series of musical triumphs. The track delves even further into the intricate tapestry of themes that define his debut album, delving deep into the unexplored facets of anxiety and self-doubt.

In his own words, VC Pines describes the track as a reflection on "biting off more than you can chew and self-sabotage." With raw emotional resonance, "SUPERMAN" examines the complex dynamics of prioritizing relationships and aspirations, and the painful aftermath of losing sight of what truly matters. The song embodies the struggle of navigating a realm where promises to loved ones outweigh the capacity to deliver, leaving one trapped in a haunting cycle of disappointment.

The creative process behind "SUPERMAN" is as captivating as the song itself. VC Pines teamed up with longtime friends to craft the track in the heart of the night, under the atmospheric streets of Stoke Newington. The result is a piece of music that resonates on both personal and artistic levels.

VC Pines' artistic journey continues to crescendo, as he prepares to embark on an extensive headline tour. With a series of electrifying festival performances at renowned events like The Great Escape, Secret Garden Party, Altitude Festival, and more, VC Pines has proven his prowess as a captivating live performer. As he channels his experiences into his music, he sets the stage for a new chapter in his ever-evolving career.

With "SUPERMAN," VC Pines adds another resounding chapter to his dynamic musical narrative, offering a mesmerizing glimpse into his world of emotions and reflections. As he readies himself for a tour that promises to captivate audiences, VC Pines solidifies his status as an artist on the rise, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.


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