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Tin Foil Astronaut unveil eerie and dreamlike video for “Wallflower”

Margate psych-pop collective Tin Foil Astronaut has unveiled the official video for their latest track, "Wallflower."

"Wallflower" serves as the first installment in a series of videos accompanying the band's four-track EP, "Some Strange Hypnosis." Each video aims to provide glimpses into the inner workings of an absurd town that is simultaneously eerie and dreamlike. The video for "Wallflower" presents a hazy and enigmatic recollection, open to interpretation by each viewer. Director Georgia Pestana elaborates on the concept:

"'Wallflower' explores the experience of feeling both physically and emotionally outside of things. I wanted to capture the frustration and deep longing to break free from your comfort zone. The video delves into the bittersweet allure of living between reality and fantasy."

Tin Foil Astronaut serves as the creative outlet for Margate-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Max Taylor, who channels his whims and obsessions into the project. What began as bedroom demos and a desire to create a soundtrack for a western movie quickly evolved into a fully-fledged collective, crafting captivating psych-pop music. Taylor enlisted childhood friends Wesley Triffitt on guitar, Daniel Elliott on bass, Solomon Lawson on drums, and Henry Gabbott on keys to transform his DIY home recordings into a dynamic live force. The group's musical bond solidified through a shared love for Doo Wop harmonies and the ethereal soundscapes of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd. Soon, Tin Foil Astronaut's live shows included opening slots for acclaimed acts like Mini Mansions, Olden Yolk, and Broken Hands.

The release of the video for "Wallflower" marks another milestone in Tin Foil Astronaut's artistic journey, captivating listeners with their distinctive blend of psych-pop and immersive storytelling. As they continue to explore the boundaries of their musical universe, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this extraordinary collective's unfolding narrative.


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