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The Jaguar Foundation: Jaguar Launches Platform to Address Equality in Music

This week saw Mixmag's Broadcaster of 2021 and BBC Music Introducing's Jaguar launch a new project - The Jaguar Foundation. Set up to create a more even playing field for women and non-binary artists in the music industry, the project is set to provide reports on keys issues around representation over the coming months.

"Our mission is to make electronic music a more equal place for the next generation of creatives and emerging artists. Through forward-thinking initiatives, we want to create a freeing, inclusive platform that inspires people from minority backgrounds to gain greater opportunities and feel represented throughout the music industry."

The Foundation kicked things off this week with a new report entitled 'Progressing Gender Representation in UK Dance Music', in which female artists including Sophia Violet and Nia Archives give their thoughts and share their experiences of the music industry.

The Jaguar Foundation looks set to become a valuable source of education around inequality statistics, current issues, and ways to combat them. We look forward to seeing the project progress!

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