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Salémango Celebrates Leeds' Finest Creatives This Weekend

This weeekend on the 10th and 11th of June Hyde Park Book Club will be host to SALÉMANGO, a 2 day Arts and Music festival celebrating Leeds' ripe and fruitiest DIY creatives. It's a party that has become synonymous with Leeds' thriving and ever expanding music scene. The party is brought to you by Tight Lines, Hyde Park Book Club, Moma Cat Discos, The Hyde Park Jazz Club, Endless Studio and Leeds Jazz Festival

"Some of the younger generations have had a huge hand in promoting jazz music and making it fun, relevant and accessible to the huge young student audience in Leeds. Said Will Lakin who leads one of Leeds' best DIY label's Tight Lines, we hear about how young music students have collaborated together to create a new scene in the city and coordinate their own festival, Salèmango. "The label came first: around 2016 there was a group of 15 of us who were all in overlapping bands who wrote new and interesting music rooted in but not limited to Jazz, we thought that we should collectivise and help platform others who were doing similar things. After 2 years of running events in Leeds, primarily "Tight Lines Jam" at Hyde Park Book Club and "Chill Withers" at Assembly House, the next logical step was to organise an all-dayer festival which had the same multidisciplinary DIY values."

Above: You can catch The Mabgate Organ Trio at this years edition of the festival

"This will be Salèmango's fifth festival, and the values are still the same: we aim to support emerging artists and other people/collectives who support emerging artists. I suppose what's changed in how it's shaped and programmed, is that we're starting to lay down the foundations for a green field festival, and this Salémango, and future Salémangos are all about blueprinting and envisioning how that could happen." Will shared in an interview with Jazz Revelations.

The party will be hosted by Leeds based label Tight Lines, who've curated some incredible stages with a truly amazing line up. The Tight Lines Stage has a plethroa of acts that you can catch below:

Bazuka (DJs) | Flood Company | Floorkin | Genie Genie | Horspit | Joshua Zero | The Yonis | 0800 DISCO (DJs)| Ferg's Imaginary Big Band | Gros-Bon-Ange | Rumberos de Palo | Skwid Ink | Spacey Basement Cult | The Mabgate Organ Trio

Moma Cat Discos Stage |Chia Kali | The Goddess Collective | HERITAGE UK | Mangorata | NAALÍ Collective | plantfood

Main Bar DIXON Music | Awen Ensemble | The Fergus Quill - Music Trio | Shaku | Party Mom Society | Vipertime

Outside (DJs) BabyStep | Minus Kendal | Endless City | Padawan Sound |Hyde Park Jazz Club Stage |Amy Clark | Ben Haskins Quartet | Glen Leach | Hyo Music | Olivia Cuttill Quartet

Things I've Been Up To Stage Theo Black | LADY | Gordian Stimm | Rosie Miles | KONL // conallplaymusic | Laura Kindelan - Music

TALKS DED_ucation | Decolonising Conservation

You can grab a ticket HERE

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