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Record of the Week: Silva Bumpa’s Debut EP 'What About The DJ?'

Our record of the week is Silva Bumpa’s debut EP, 'What About The DJ?', on the influential Locked On Records. Hailing from Sheffield, this 22-year-old DJ, producer has taken the UK Garage scene by storm, combining the grit of UK bass with the infectious bounce of club classics. His innovative production style and feelgood musical approach are perfectly showcased in this 5-track EP, which is our Record of the Week.

Taking immense inspiration from the sounds of Northern nightlife, Silva Bumpa captures the effervescent spirit of mid-noughties bassline with solid songwriting. Following a series of successful releases on underground labels, he now makes a bold move with 'What About The DJ?', his most ambitious undertaking yet on the iconic Locked On Records.

The EP, teased over the past five months, reveals multiple facets of Silva Bumpa’s sonic personality. The title track, “What About The DJ?”, leads the way with wobbling basslines, hearty kick drums, and distorted vocals that evoke a nostalgic, pulse-raising flavor. The second single, “Without U,” features the rising talent of Bolton vocalist Megan Wroe, delivering a super-sweet UKG anthem that’s both reminiscent of and deserving of T2’s 'Heartbroken' level of success.

“Songs of Praise” welcomes in grime MC Capo Lee for a bumpy track boasting a dark, growling bassline, serving as the perfect backdrop for Capo Lee’s slick lyricism. The focus track, “Passion,” showcases a housier side of Silva Bumpa’s production, with hollow, stabbing bass and house-infused grooves reminiscent of early Disclosure. The EP closes with “Rock 2 Da Beat,” introducing strobing, techno-like synths to deliver an infectiously gritty ode to bassline.

Silva Bumpa expresses his excitement about the release, stating, "Releasing 'What About The DJ?' on Locked On Records is a dream come true. With this EP, I aimed to blend various genres, infuse heavy sampling, and deliver crunchy grooves that would make every listener feel the music in their core."

To celebrate this milestone, Silva Bumpa will headline a special live show, ‘23 Degrees x Locked On Records,’ at East London’s Village Underground on May 31st. The event will feature Megan Wroe performing “Without U” live for the first time, with remaining tickets available via RA.

Synonymous with the exciting new forward-thinking sound of UK Garage, Silva Bumpa continues to blend the essence of 90s and noughties club classics with a modern twist. Following notable releases on labels like Hardline, ec2a, and ATW Records, his debut EP on Locked On Records solidifies his reputation as one of the most exciting new prospects in the Garage scene.

Having made his Boiler Room debut in Liverpool alongside Skream and Benga in January, Silva Bumpa is in the midst of a trailblazing 2024. Currently on his debut headline tour of Australia and New Zealand, he has upcoming performances in Leeds (Mint Festival), London (23 Degrees x Locked On), Sheffield (Hope Works), Manchester, and Croatia’s Outlook Festival (main stage).

Supported by peers like Interplanetary Criminal, Main Phase, and Soul Mass Transit System, as well as bassline OGs such as Tom Shorterz, Big Ang, and Joe Hunt, Silva Bumpa’s ‘What About The DJ?’ EP is just the beginning for this trailblazing artist.

EP Tracklist:

1. What About The DJ?

2. Without U featuring Megan Wroe

3. Songs of Praise featuring Capo Lee

4. Passion

5. Rock 2 Da Beat


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