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Rachael Lavelle Unveils Debut Album 'Big Dreams' with Cinematic Brilliance

Rachael Lavelle Unveils Debut Album 'Big Dreams' with Cinematic Brilliance

Dublin-based singer-songwriter Rachael Lavelle has set the date for her highly anticipated debut album, 'Big Dreams,' scheduled for release on November 10th, 2023. Accompanying this exciting announcement, Lavelle has dropped the album's second single, the mesmerizing title track "Big Dreams," complemented by a visually stunning music video directed by Bob Gallagher.

"Big Dreams," the soul-stirring ballad, delves into themes of love, high expectations, and the inexorable passage of time. Serving as the album's closing track, it provides a reflective journey through the memories of a life, love, and lasting impact. The song's conclusion holds a powerful revelation: "I am open to the possibilities."

The album 'Big Dreams' paints a poignant narrative of a young individual navigating the complexities of life, veering off course in pursuit of perfection. Lavelle crafts a 21st-century coming-of-age story, blending naivety, disappointment, and existential dread with her distinct sense of humor. The protagonist grapples with societal pressures, encapsulated in the myth of 'clean eating,' self-help guides, and the pursuit of one's full potential.

Lavelle's unique vocals take center stage throughout 'Big Dreams,' soaring over a rich sonic landscape of synths, intricate sound design, and beats sourced from diverse locations. Collaborating with longtime partner Ryan Hargadon, the album features orchestral elements, including strings, clarinet, and saxophone. The internal monologue narrated by the Dublin trams' voice, Doireann Ní Bhriain (The 'Luas Lady'), adds a sardonic and humorous touch to the millennial mindset.

Infused with a mid-20th-century technicolour aesthetic, 'Big Dreams' draws inspiration from old cinema, ranging from silent films to 1970s medieval period dramas. The dreamy world of the album intertwines the mundane with the surreal, creating a landscape that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy.

Themes of chasing perfection and the illusion of curated content are explored in tracks like "Let Me Unlock Your Full Potential" and "Soft Colour Palette." Lavelle skillfully navigates the chaos hidden behind clean, organized facades, revealing the overexposure to curated content that fuels comparisons.

'Big Dreams' takes the listener on an existential journey, addressing the obstacles that hinder fulfillment and culminating in an appreciation for reality. Rachael Lavelle's cinematic debut is a testament to her unique voice, marking her ascent as a standout artist. Stay tuned for more from this one-of-a-kind talent.

Catch Rachael Lavelle live on tour:

- 6th Oct: Grand Social Ballroom, Ireland Music Week (showcase), Dublin

- 23rd Nov: The Black Box, Belfast

- 24th Nov: Project Arts Centre, Dublin

- 30th Nov: Mick Lally Theatre, Galway

- 1st Dec: The Record Room, Limerick

- 6th Dec: Prims Bookshop, Kinsale

- 7th Dec: Coughlan’s, Cork

- 8th Dec: Connollys of Leap, Cork

- 9th Dec: St Michael’s Church, Waterville, Kerry


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