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POSER: Tracks That Shaped My Sound

Emerging from a brief hiatus and making a fresh start in the vibrant city of London, POSER is back with 'Something New.' Following the success of his debut EP, championed by BBC Radio 1, Today FM, and RTE 2fm, and featured on Spotify playlists like UK House music, POSER delivers a bittersweet house anthem. 'Something New' is a sublime track, exuding elegance with sampling nuances reminiscent of a vintage Dilla beat. POSER skillfully transforms hip-hop favorite Leroy Huston into a smooth disco groove, seamlessly layered with vocals from the legendary Diana Ross. Singing of the quest to reignite love through new experiences, the track is an electronic embrace—equally suited for the pulsating energy of clubs or the intimate ambiance of home listening.

Digital love – Daft Punk

Daft Punk were one of my earliest memories in dance music. Growing up they were a constant in my house. When I first heard them in ‘Stronger’ by Kanye, it blew my mind on how samples could be flipped across genres. Digital love is my favourite Daft Punk record and I strive to create something that feels so romantic and nostalgic in everything I do.

Coocool – Róisín Murphy & DJ Koze

Róisín is one of the greatest women in electronic music and makes me so unbelievably proud to be Irish. She is so unique, and I think she is at her best when working with the relaxed, sample-based style of DJ Koze. DJ Koze is also a huge inspiration and influence on my style. This whole album was a blessing and CooCool is the perfect highlight. Róisín is a dream collab of mine. 

Time: The Donut of the Heart- J Dilla

I am equally inspired by Hip Hop as I am by electronic music. This was a tough choice to narrow it down to one song/producer that influenced my sound the most, but I had to go with Dilla. While I still love producers like Madlib, the Alchemist, Kanye, Conductor, Metro etc; J Dilla was the first to show me that you can be a producer on your own. His work ethic and the legacy he has left via the sheer volume of his catalogue inspires me daily. There is nothing I can say abut Dilla that hasn’t been said already but I am truly grateful for his music.

A Different Feeling – The Avalanches

I discovered the Avalanches quite late. I was 19 when I first listened to their album, ‘Since I Left You’, but it was a very distinct before and after moment. Their ability to marry samples and produce something entirely new will never cease to amaze me. I could talk about the beauty of sampling for hours and they would be one of the main people I would use to prove sampling is an art form. 

Forever This – Fries & Bridges

This is a perfect house song. Great sample and gorgeous vocal that’s guaranteed to light up any dancefloor. I always aim to play this when I am DJing because its perfect for any set. Stone cold classic that speaks for itself.


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