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Mix Of The Week: Nickon Faith on Melodic Distraction

Manchester-based artist Nickon Faith has been sculpting his distinct production style and eclectic mixes since 2015. He’s developed a unique reputation as one to watch for 2023, with recognition from the likes of Mixmag who heralded his debut album Circumambient as a beaming success for it’s “trance-like synths and gated vocal lines, organic samples and lively percussive elements”.

His latest sonic endeavor is a mix released on Melodic Distraction, the internet radio station in Liverpool that proves to be a regular soundtrack in the BabyStep Studio. We spoke to Nickon about the influences behind the mix and his plans for the rest of the year:

“This one really does feel like a milestone mix for me and a real celebration of the last two years of releasing music under the alias "Nickon Faith". The hour of music is me really trying to project and showcase my musical output since the inception of Nickon Faith. The mix is a trademark one from Nickon, that sees him flaunt his ever-expanding discography that acts a sonic ode to a plethora of genres, influences and era’s.”

There are some progressive deep house cuts, cascading to trance and euphoric ravey breaks. Whilst also being a marking point to look back on for the future to see the progression that has since been made.

Nickon shares the origin of the music on the mix “some of these tracks have been released on local labels such as Salford City Records who gave me my first signing and the push to start propelling Nickon Faith seriously. With a track from Limit (UK) Collective Consciousness VA that was released recently called "Let it go", and a forthcoming track on a London based label called "Troubleshoot" that won't be released till later this year!”

We discussed the influence behind the tracks featured. “Artist wise I've had a lot of specific influences that can be seen in these tunes, and phases of different artists I've enjoyed, for example the tune "let it go" was heavily influenced by Prospa with its euphoric massive breakbeat rave sound.

“The track Mango Clouds and These Faces was heavily influenced by early Four Tet work with sparkly evolving arpeggios, organic textures and simple but catchy melodies. A few of the more progressive tunes influenced by artists like Braxton and Yotto. And most recently getting into some old schooly type trance stuff which can be heard in the unreleased "Don't make me wait" track being released on Troubleshoot.”

The mix is one that truly champions the work of one of our favourite producers around, His distinct style, couple with his humble demeanor really does cement him as an artist with a burgeoning reputation.

The chat closes of what else he has lined up for the year “I’ve got the Visions EP which will be released on troubleshoot later this year plus a number of remixes. I’m also really excited to be playing at Warmup festival & One in the woods. I’ll also be announcing the next Acid Faith night very soon, also look out for a release on Richie Blackers label "Mess Express" this year. lso look out for a release on Richie Blackers label "Mess Express" this year.


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