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Next Day Shakes: Tracks That ShAPED oUR sOUND

Get ready to be hit with a sonic storm as Next Day Shakes, a formidable four-piece rock/blues/alternative band, is gearing up to unleash their highly anticipated debut EP. Hailing from the South Wales Valleys and born on the outskirts of Aberdare, the band's sound is a powerhouse of blended elements, creating a wall of sound that not only kicks you in the chest but also leaves you yearning for more. Each member brings a fresh perspective to familiar sounds and topics, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of bands and genres, resulting in a musical journey that's both captivating and unique.

This powerhouse quartet, with their upcoming EP titled "Head Above," recorded three electrifying songs back in June at Snake Mountain Studios. Promising a musical rollercoaster packed with riffs, solos, and a tinge of regret, Next Day Shakes is set to make a thunderous impact with singles dropping before the year wraps up. Get ready for an audio assault that pays homage to the raw and rockier essence of music, as these instrumental virtuosos take you on a journey through their sonic landscape.

Rival Sons - Wild Animal

The west coast outfit are a big influence on the our sound as they embrace different styles. 'Wild Animal' exhibits a more pop rock feel and focuses on the melody and clever backing vocals, whilst keeping that rocky feel with pumping drums and dirty guitars! They also incorporate elements of psychedelia, blues, soul and hard rock which we think comes through in our music because we write whatever we're feeling in the moment.

Black Keys - Midnight in Her Eyes

From the start the blues has always been my favourite and was the reason that I wanted to be a guitarist. From listening to the legends such as Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, Peter Green etc but nothing modern caught my attention until I heard the Black Keys. The soulful and gritty vocals over the fuzzy and whaling guitar gave me a new and fresh perspective on how you could incorporate the old school blues sound into a modern rock band. (Dan – Vocals + Guitar)

Pendulum – Different

Without a doubt, classic rock for me has had the biggest influence on me over the years, at the top of the list would be Zeppelin and the absolute legend that is Bonham. But, over more recent years I seem to be listening to more and more electronic music, with rock taking more of a backseat, although not completely forgotten about. Pendulum have always been a firm favourite of mine, with the harsh synths, driving bass lines and hard hitting drums, what more could you ask for! (Curt – Drums)

Black Sabbath – NIB

I think its safe to say that each of us in Next Day Shakes has been influenced or shaped by Sabbaths sound in one way or another. As a bassist, Geezers melodic yet heavy sound on this song hooked me into the band straight away. This song has such a killer sound! Whether its Ozzy’s easily recognisable vocals, Iomis signature guitar sound or Wards pioneering drum style it’s got something everyone can enjoy. (Gareth – Bass)

Queens of the Stone Age – Smooth Sailing

It took me a while to actually decide which Queens of the Stone Age song I should write this on as there are so many that have influenced the way I play and write songs as a guitarist. From Queens earlier stoner rock albums to their newer super polished and produced albums there’s so much on offer and they constantly evolve with each new release. ‘ clockwork’ ticks all the boxes when it comes to riffs, tone and melodies and ‘Smooth Sailing’ in particular is just oozing in swagger and that dirty blues stoner rock sound! When writing the main ideas for our single ‘Head Above’ I wanted to try and aim for a similar style especially when coming up with the main riff and the way it sort of sits in behind the lyrics of the verses. None of three songs on our E.P can really be pigeonholed into one specific genre in general and I think that’s because if it sounds good and feels good to play then we’re just gonna do it! (Jonathan – Guitar)


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