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LEONI: Tracks That Shaped My Sound

My name is LEONI, I am 16 years old and have just released my debut single: SUPERNOVA. I have always been around music from as far back as I remember – writing and producing – first with my sister - and now in the studio most of the time. I also dance – I started with classical ballet and now Pop, House, R&B and Hip Hop mostly at London’s Base Studios and The Manor – oh and I just started Fashion College. These are the tracks that inspired the song.

Greedy’ by Tate McRae 

Greedy by Tate McRae was a huge inspiration. The sirens sound in the chorus inspired the second chorus of Supernova where I hold the note at the end of the word Supernova throughout the last choruses. I also love the sassiness of the lyrics. I wanted my lyrics to transfer a little of the same feeling of confidence and strength as well.


Last year I got to see the SZA live on her SOS tour in London! Her music has been a source of comfort through some difficult times. The energy that she projected was on another level and she got a stadium of 20,000 people hyped from the second she stepped on stage until the next day - Which I love! I hope,one day, to be able to radiate the same energy as her on tour!

‘Into the Groove’ by Madonna 

Into the Groove Coming in hot from a dance background I identify with a lot of Madonna’s early work. In particular “Into the Groove”. This song always puts me into a groovy mood and makes me feel alive! The song was featured in the 80's film called “Desperately Seeking Susan” which I love. Madonna co-wrote the song with Stephen Bray who is also a drummer which explains the heavy use of synthesised drum-beats in the song. The vibe completely inspires me.  

‘Alien Superstar’ by Beyonce 

Alien Superstar by Beyonce was another inspiration for Supernova. The strong dance vibe of this song is what I was looking for. The light vibe of the chorus contrasting with the verses was the inspiration for the bridge of Supernova to make it stand out from the rest of the song in order to lead into the last chorus. The “Right said Fred” involvement in the chorus where it says “I’m too classy for this world” is awesome and this is what inspired parts of my song.

Listen to Leoni's music here:


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