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1. Your debut album, "Just a Girl," is set to release on your birthday, October 19th, 2023. Can you tell us about the significance of this release date and what listeners can expect from the album?

The release date is important to me because it’s my birthday & I feel like I’ve learned a lot since the start of it so to close that chapter of my life entering a new year //age feels like I’m growing and learning and can close that chapter and be open to new starts & lessons

2. Your previous releases, including the Hot Mess EP and collaborations, have gained acclaim from various platforms and media outlets. How has this recognition influenced your musical journey and the creation of "Just a Girl"?

Since all that I met Jessica (when the beat is bad) and Molly (prod by Molly) and because of that & them that’s the whole reason just a girl could be born!! I’m so greatful to have been able to progress and meet then because their role was huge in the making of this album 3. The title track of your album, "just a girl," has received attention from Spotify playlists like Breath of Fresh Éire and Fresh Finds UK & IE. How does it feel to have your music featured on such influential platforms, and what do you hope listeners take away from this song?

It feels incredible, especially to remember the place I was in writing the song vs how healing it is to see people connect , relate and adore the song so much

4. You mentioned that your album was worked on almost exclusively by women, from artwork to production. Can you share more about the importance of this collaboration and how it influenced the creative direction of "Just a Girl"?

It was my girlfriends who got me out of that bad place & I’m so lucky they are all so talented and worked on this with me, two producers (Molly & Jessica) are both my very close friends and seen the ups and downs of that relationship & we’re in the studio // by my side through it all, and my best friend clem who did the artwork! 5. Your album takes listeners on a journey through the stages of being in and recovering from a dysfunctional relationship. Can you elaborate on the themes and emotions explored in the album, and how your personal experiences shaped this musical narrative?

I don’t really like to talk to much about it as I want people to relate in their own way and find healing with the music , as I did, I used some of the songs pre release as reminders to stay in the good place I’m currently in, like reminders to myself being like “you felt so bad listen to meanie & just a girl!!!”

6. "Just a Girl" seems to cover a wide range of musical styles and emotions. How did you approach blending these different elements while maintaining a consistent musical aesthetic that's uniquely Kayleigh Noble?

All the music and lyrics were from scratch. Raw emotion & the bond and style me and Jessica have, she gets me so it works, when I say I want this she’s knows exactly what it is even if I described it very poorly lol, and then my influences of music which would be a lot of different genres add unique touch that would make it “Kayleigh Noble” 7. The album includes tracks that showcase somber and melancholic feelings as well as upbeat R&B and club bangers. Can you walk us through the evolution of emotions and sounds on the album and why you chose this progression?

I choose this progression as the emotions )in order) making this album were battling in a relationship, to the realisation, to the breakup , hurt , betrayel & then the realisation of how it’s for the best, Anger & then a bit of single bad bitch energy which is so important in the healing process !! Their is light at the end or the tunnel! 8. Collaboration has been a significant part of your musical journey. How did working with producers like whenthebeatisbad, Prodbymolly, and Rory Sweeney contribute to the distinctive sound you've crafted for yourself?

They have all been such a milestone & amazing people to work with, their work on this album is so important as it adds more uniqueness, Rory has such a individual sound and he’s so great to work with & same with the girls! 9. As you prepare for the release of "Just a Girl," what message or emotions do you hope to convey to your listeners, and what impact do you envision this album having on your career?

I hope people can take it as they want & relate in their own way & hopefully feel some relatability in the emotions , breakups are so hard & when you’ve been done so dirty you almost feel ashamed in how jelous or angry u are and I want people to know it’s okay & you let go of those feelings and it gets better , your just a girl you’ve your whole life ahead of you!!! It’s okay; feel the emotions and let yourself heal ! 10. Lastly, what lies ahead for Kayleigh Noble in terms of future projects and goals within the music industry, and what artists or genres inspire your continued musical exploration?

I’d love to experiment with my sound more, work with different producers & artists in terms or branding ect and making art around the music which is also something I really enjoy & inspires me!

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