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Jack Jones of Trampolene Unveils Debut Novel 'Swansea To Hornsey' with Peter Doherty's Support

The multitalented Jack Jones, frontman of Trampolene, is set to release his debut novel 'Swansea To Hornsey' on November 17th, and he's not going it alone. With the backing of his friend, bandmate, and "brother in arms" Peter Doherty, this venture promises to be an extraordinary literary ride.

Jones, known for his success with Trampolene, which has seen Top 10 placements on the Independent Album Chart and accolades such as headlining Swansea Arena, takes us on a different journey with his debut novel. 'Swansea To Hornsey,' the first publication from Peter Doherty's Strap Originals, is a vivid exploration of Jack's early life, blending biographical elements and fleeting episodic vignettes. From youthful misadventures to the blossoming potential of Trampolene, the novel captures the essence of an outsider using creativity to reshape life's adventure.

Praised by notable figures like Caitlin Moran, Alan McGee, and Tim Burgess, the novel is hailed for its poignant storytelling, humor, and Jack's unique voice that resonates with authenticity. Peter Doherty himself expresses admiration, calling Jack a hero and praising the book's cry from the darkness.

Accompanying the novel's release, Trampolene will unveil an anniversary edition of 'Swansea To Hornsey.' Available in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, this version includes a five-track XFM Session and alternate artwork. Fans can also enjoy bundles featuring both the album and the novel.

Jack Jones, thrilled by Doherty's support, states, "I was gobsmacked when Peter Doherty said he loved the book so much he was gonna start a publishing company and put my book into the world - not something you hear every day." The novel, written in 2017, received final touches during Trampolene's 2022 European tour with The Libertines.

As the excitement builds, Trampolene will play the 'Swansea To Hornsey' album in its entirety at three shows. Jack Jones will also treat fans to a solo performance and a reading from his novel at The Libertines’ Albion Rooms in Margate on October 28th.

With a surreal dream turning into reality, Jack Jones invites fans to experience the ultimate blend of music and literature with 'Swansea To Hornsey.'

Album and novel bundles are available HERE

Very limited tickets for the Trampolene shows, listed below, are available HERE


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