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International Women's Day Feature With Premaura

Happy International Women’s Day! We are celebrating today by sharing music from some of our favourite women in music. First up, a fantastic music video has just dropped from the wonderful Premaura. When talking about the track she shares "In a nutshell, it’s about letting go, self-care & preservation, showing up authentically and shining your light, don’t dim it for nobody darlings". We spoke to Premaura about women in music inspiring her, check it out!

Kate Bush

She wasn't afraid to push the boundaries and be uniquely herself. She is a brilliant storyteller and I love how she experimented with sound.

Erykah Badu

To me she is the queen of Neo Soul, her words, voice, personality and style inspire me: her stage presence is royal. I love authentic women who are embodied and unapologetic in their art.


I love the tone of Sades voice, her vocals are dreamy. The way she blends soul, funk, jazz and afro-cuban rhythms. I too like to cross pollinate genres in my sound.


I love the sounds of Shura. The synthy tones and gentle vocals: she is a singer, producer, remixer and video editor- it's great to see women playing out these different roles and being a role model in that sense. I love how she proudly expresses her sexuality in her tracks too- being a gay woman: religion is a great track bravely points out some of the discrimination towards the LGBTQI+ communities.

Lana Del Ray

I love her melancholy, nostalgia sound transports me away. She is a great story teller and she isn't afraid to share about her shadow side which I love! The Music Video for Ride has to be one of my all time favourites- its like a mini movie.

Jhene Aiko

From her dreamy tone to her ability to write about spirituality and Psychedelics which give people a glimpse into her world. She touches upon topics that provoke thought and plant seeds and I love that. She also released a mini movie called Trip with is a beautiful story that pulls that body of work together- it is inspiring and touching.

Stevie Nicks: I love the power and intensity in Stevies voice. For me she exudes feminine magic and I find some of solo her tracks bewitching- there's just something about them.

Check out Premaura's new music video below:

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