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Hojean releases an official music video for his single 'Cruel'

Hojean unveils the inspiration behind his latest track, 'Cruel,' delving into the universal theme of unforgettable connections. Reflecting on the song's meaning, he shares, "Cruel is about no matter how many new faces you meet there's always going to be that one you can't seem to forget. Whether it was left off in good blood or bad, overblown fake confidence to seem like you're doing better than them, bad distractions to forget about that one someone, sometimes all you want in the end is closure."

In the grayscale narrative of the music video, Hojean weaves the tale of 'Cruel,' capturing the essence of love and loss echoed in the track. His delivery, both heartfelt and emotive, beautifully complements his haunting vocals, creating a captivating visual and auditory experience.

Sonically, 'Cruel' exudes a smooth, soulful R&B quality with a distinctly nostalgic feel, yet catapults into the 21st century through the distorted, glitching vocals sprinkled throughout. Hojean's commitment to molding his sound into a diverse blend of styles and techniques shines through, evident in the unique identity present in his music. Notably, 'Cruel' and the forthcoming EP are a testament to his artistic versatility, as he takes on the roles of producer, writer, recorder, mixer, and master.

Hailing from New York and currently situated on the outskirts of Atlanta, Hojean is a self-taught musician, artist, and producer. His steady stream of singles and debut EP, 'Swing,' combines indie pop and alternative R&B, leading to remarkable growth with over 110 million total streams across platforms. Beyond his musical journey, Hojean's independent spirit extends to fostering a genuine community among his passionate fanbase. The success of 'Swing,' released in 2022 after a sold-out headline tour and festival performance at Head in the Clouds, underlines his rising prominence. As a first-gen Asian/American artist, Hojean's music becomes a platform to inspire fellow creatives, proving that Asian artists in America can achieve domestic stardom with a global impact.

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