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Getting To Know: Phoebe Ray

In a world where infidelity wears a pretty face and too many men conveniently 'forget' they're already spoken for, emerging artist Phoebe Rae drops the mic with her latest single, 'Ur Hot.' This punchy anthem is more than just a song; it's a rallying cry for anyone who's ever found themselves unwittingly cast in the role of 'the other woman.'

Phoebe Ray draws from personal experiences we've all encountered or witnessed, puts a spotlight on the frustration of being entangled in the mess of someone else's unfaithfulness. And let's face it – these guys get away with it far too often just because they flash a charming smile!

But 'Ur Hot' isn't just a venting session; it's a cathartic musical journey that resonates with listeners on a deeply relatable level. After sharing the track with her closest friends, the responses poured in, echoing the sentiment that this isn't an isolated incident. We spoke to her about the tracks that shaped her sound:

Holly Humberstone - Please Don’t Leave Just Yet

To be perfectly honest I could’ve picked any of Holly’s recent tracks (she was my most played artist in 2023). From the moment I first heard her music I fell for her lyric and melody pairings. The way her vocals sound like they’re sung so intimately was a big influence for me when recording this track. She’s never scared to sing the big notes in her falsetto and I love that. 

Paper Kites - Deep Burn Blue 

A friend with excellent music taste introduced me to this band and I’ve loved them ever since. The cross pollination of 80’s sounds and country undertones make for a really timeless kind of feeling to their music and one of my favourite things to do is put on this album late at night, light a candle and write. Overly-dramatic and indulgent I know, but it works a treat and I’ve started loads of song ideas that way.

MUNA - Home By Now

I remember the street I was standing on when I heard this song for the first time - it’s that powerful. Smart, euphoric, and gut-punching all at once, MUNA are a band that just get better and better and I aspire to build a community even half as special as the one that surrounds their music. 

The 1975 - I Like America & America Likes Me

My favourite band of all time, and a track that would absolutely be my Desert Island Disc. Whilst the direct musical influence might be more subtle, theres no doubting the chokehold they’ve had on me in for the past decade. They’re a band who represent my deep love of pop music, and smart, acerbic, observational writing. I’ve seen them live more times than I can count and these songs always pull me back to the ‘why’ of what I do. 

Maisie Peters - The Last One

This song gives me goosebumps it’s such a perfect piece of pop! I’ve gotten more and more into Maisie’s music with every piece of work she’s released. Her diaristic style of writing and in-your-face-emotional-honesty ticks the same boxes for me as Taylor Swift does for so many. Her fearlessness, especially, has made me braver about writing directly from my own feelings and experiences so sharing a playlist (or even a stage - one day!) with her would be a total dream come true. 


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