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George FitzGerald Unveils Title Track "Not As I" from Highly Anticipated EP

In preparation for the much-awaited release of his new EP, "Not As I," electronic music maestro George FitzGerald treats fans to a mesmerizing journey through intricate sounds and expertly woven vocals and synths. Today, the title track from the EP, which promises to be nothing short of spellbinding, hits the airwaves.

Scheduled to drop tomorrow as a limited edition 12", the EP has already generated significant buzz, amplifying the excitement surrounding FitzGerald's launch party tonight at the renowned Jumbi venue in Peckham. Fans and music enthusiasts alike eagerly await the immersive experience that the celebrated artist is poised to deliver.

Titled "Not As I," the track encapsulates George FitzGerald's artistic prowess at its pinnacle. With its clever arrangements, unwavering confidence, and self-assured vibe, the song exemplifies FitzGerald's sonic brilliance. Reflecting on the concept behind the EP, the artist shares his thoughts, saying, "'Not As I' embodies the theme I felt throughout writing this EP of wanting to slow down and take a breath somehow, while everything around me continues to accelerate. A return to writing patient music in an impatient world."

The musical landscape painted by "Not As I" invites listeners on a captivating sonic journey. George FitzGerald's meticulous attention to detail is evident as he masterfully weaves together various elements, creating an atmosphere that mesmerizes the senses. The interplay of vocals and synths creates a harmonious synergy that resonates with both casual listeners and ardent fans.

As anticipation builds for the EP's official release, fans can expect "Not As I" to serve as an enticing glimpse into the world George FitzGerald has crafted. With its depth and complexity, the title track sets the stage for what promises to be an exceptional musical endeavor.

George FitzGerald's EP, "Not As I," is set to make its mark in the electronic music scene, enchanting audiences with its meticulously crafted soundscape. As the release date draws near, fans eagerly anticipate the full EP, ready to embark on a sonic adventure like no other.


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