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GANGS OF KIN Delivers Thought-Provoking EP 'Nature Knows No King'

In a world riddled with challenges, Joël Gaerthé, under the moniker GANGS OF KIN, unveils the profound EP 'Nature Knows No King'. Reflecting on the intricate facets of modern society, Gaerthé delves deep into the human experience, offering poignant insights into societal pressures while nurturing a sense of hope for transformation.

'Nature Knows No King' serves as a compelling exploration of humanity's complex dynamics, addressing societal constructs and urging positive progression. Gaerthé shares, "This EP targets the man-made pressure and chaos we created called society. The struggle of getting in line with a system that feels estranged from what feels natural."

The title track, 'Nature Knows No King', challenges power structures and greed, infused with Gaerthé's mesmerizing vocals. Accompanying the EP release are two brand-new singles: the empowering 'You Belong', reminding us to find supportive environments, and the captivating 'Meaning of Life'.

GANGS OF KIN's previous single 'Cool, Calm & Collected' garnered attention from Complex UK, The Independent, Metal Magazine, and Ones To Watch. Gaerthé explains, "Within all the chaos, aimlessness, and anxiety, this is a song to cancel out the noise of outer pressure. The time of splendor comes after the drought. This is a chant to stay cool, calm, and collected."

Among the EP's standout tracks is 'Mass Confusion', a genre-blurring anthem that highlights Gaerthé's soulful vocals. The Line of Best Fit praised his ability to establish an immediate emotional connection.

GANGS OF KIN emerged in 2021 as the brainchild of Amsterdam-based artist, songwriter, and producer Joël Gaerthé. Infusing elements of blues, future-funk, and alt-pop, Gaerthé's sound defies categorization. With nearly 5 million streams on Spotify, support from reputable publications like Clash, The Line of Best Fit, and Complex UK, as well as successful sync placements, GANGS OF KIN proves to be an undeniable musical force."


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