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Filmmaker Ade Secures £10K Creative Fund for 'Dollar Signs' Music Video

Today, Oluwafemi Adebayo, celebrates being named the recipient of the Freeform Forum's £10,000 creative fund, marking the culmination of the grassroots mentorship program sponsored by Relentless and developed in collaboration with UK Arts Organisation Small Green Shoots. Launched in October 2023, the Freeform Forum aimed to dismantle the obstacles faced by young creators, a demographic where 1 in 5 individuals express a desire to work in music but feel hindered by industry barriers.

Ade's visionary project, 'Dollar Signs,' a two-part music video exploring resilience and staying true to dreams in the face of adversity, has received the financial backing to turn his creative concept into reality. Developed under the guidance of his mentor, Tajana Tokyo, the project will use a groundbreaking stop-motion photography concept to convey the protagonist, Benjiii TG's, journey through three dream states, facing numerous challenges.

Beyond the digital realm, Ade plans to create a tangible flipbook, offering a unique, interactive experience for viewers. The £10,000 funding provided by Relentless will not only support the production of the 35mm film music video and flipbook but also contribute to an upcoming launch event. Attendees can expect to purchase crafted flip books, witness a performance by Benjiii TG, and enjoy DJ sets throughout.

As part of the Freeform Forum Mentorship program, Ade collaborated with Tajana Tokyo, co-creator of Super Bowl ads, through 1-2-1 mentoring sessions and networking events. The six-week program also involved guidance from industry luminaries such as South London rapper ENNY, J Hus' Producer TSB, and Burna Boy's speed dial photographer Elliot Hensford, who mentored 11 individuals across production, photography, or filmmaking.

Reflecting on his experience, Ade shared, "This opportunity not only allowed me to learn from creatives at the top of their game but also to network, gain skills, and access funds to push my creative limits even further."

The Freeform Forum is part of Relentless' new Freeform platform, aiming to empower the next generation of disruptive creators through grassroots support, opportunities for emerging talents, and innovative music experiences. The initiative encourages young creatives to explore unconventional paths to success.

For more information about the Freeform Forum, visit


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