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Dog Sport – Tracks That Shaped Our Sound

In 2021, after a period of reflection in the midst of lockdown, Dog Sport was born from the embers of a long-running musical partnership between singer and guitarist Jack O’Neill, singer and bassist Matthew Walker, and drummer Lisa Fawcett. The addition of Jack’s brother, guitarist Calum O’Neill, along with keyboardist and guitarist Alexander Rose, completed the lineup: a band whose roots spread from Ho Chi Minh City to Waterford, from Runcorn to Liverpool. Blending post-punk aggression with ambient soundscapes, the light and shade of their songs is representative of the small pleasures found in between long working hours, growing up in uninspiring industrial towns, and living in the organised chaos of the city. Dog Sport have quickly established themselves as one of the most promising acts on Liverpool’s music scene, supporting the likes of Preoccupations, Just Mustard and Sinead O’Brien.

We spoke to them about the tracks that shaped their sound, enjoy!

Pixies - Velouria

I think as a band we can say Pixies have influenced us a lot. While we were writing the current set, I shown my brother Calum (Lead Guitarist) this track because of how strong but simple the lead section is. I’ve always loved Kim Deal’s backing vocals, and they were an influence on the second verse of Common Ground. Jack (Guitar, Vocals)

A Frames - U Boat

I was hammering this at the time. I go through phases of listening to the same track on repeat for a week straight until I get sick of it, but I never got sick of this one. The whole Black Forest album is boss. Jack (Guitar, Vocals)

Pylon - Cool

Pylon are another band that have influenced us a lot. When we were deciding on reference tracks for the studio, this was one of them. Vanessa Briscoe Hay’s vocal is a force to be reckoned with. Jack (Guitar, Vocals)

Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong

I don’t think Radiohead need much explanation, Thom Yorke is a genius of our time, and their music will always play a big part in anything we write. Jack (Guitar, Vocals)

Crack Cloud - Something’s Gotta Give

Crack Cloud have got a signature post punk sound that’s a bit more effect laden, and it’s crept into our sound on these singles, particularly the non-melodic effects and generally being more experimental with keys and guitar to make a bigger soundscape on the track. Matty (Bass, Vocals)


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