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Chris Spino's Coma Girls Ignite Emotions with New Single "Candles"

Los Angeles Indie Rocker Chris Spino's Coma Girls Ignite Emotions with New Single "Candles"

Chris Spino, the Los Angeles-based indie rocker, is making waves once again through his solo project Coma Girls with the release of their compelling single "Candles" from the forthcoming album Crystal Pistol. The track, a slow-burning folk-rock masterpiece, delves into the complex emotions surrounding addiction and the ensuing guilt and shame. As the first glimpse into the upcoming album, "Candles" sets the stage for a journey of introspection and musical evolution.

Against a backdrop of mesmerizing melodies, the song lyrically captures the transient nature of love, with a poignant outro featuring Spino's haunting repetition of the aching mantra: "Leave your candles lit / My pain keeps burning on and on and on." Noted publication Chorus.FM commends Spino's ability to gracefully address themes of addiction, recovery, and personal growth, all while showcasing his remarkable staying power within the music scene.

Spino's musical path has been one of diversity and exploration, embracing various genres from punk and jangle-pop to metal and jazz-rock. Yet, his solo project Coma Girls has remained a constant, a platform for him to blend lyrically focused singer-songwriter sentiments with the expansive textures of shoegaze and psychedelia.

Reflecting on this creative journey, Spino reveals, "I’ve played just about every role in every kind of band you can think of, but Coma Girls is me doing what I’ve always secretly wanted to do, which is just writing pop songs on an acoustic guitar."

His latest album, Crystal Pistol, slated for release on October 13th via Baby Robot Records, seamlessly bridges two of Spino's major influences: emotionally charged folk songs akin to artists like Elliott Smith and Bright Eyes, and textured garage rock reminiscent of bands like Deerhunter and Jay Reatard. Spino's collaboration with Christian Paul Philippi, his current partner-in-crime, further elevates his musical output.

"No Umbrella For Star Flower," released during the pandemic, was a collaborative effort with friends, marking a significant moment in Spino's personal journey. The subsequent single releases, including "Doctor, My Eyes," "Drifting," "Tell Me," and "On My Way," led the way to the development of Crystal Pistol. The album stands as a clear-headed yet ambitiously experimental project, a testament to his artistic growth.

Openly discussing his past struggles with addiction, Spino shares, "A lot of the lyrics on Crystal Pistol are about coming out of that and cleaning up my life and really examining the ways I acted when I was an addict, and the ways those actions affected other people in my life."

The album isn't just a heavy introspection, though. Songs like "Back to the Source" infuse an upbeat energy with a nursery rhyme-like hook, while tracks like "33" delve into Spino's experience of getting sober, resonating with a string section and powerful crescendo.

At 34 years old, Spino's journey has come full circle. He's embraced sobriety, transformed his life, and poured his emotions into Crystal Pistol. The album serves as a deep confessional, artfully weaving indie rock melodies with introspective narratives. As he moves toward an even brighter artistic future, Spino remains a beacon of resilience and growth, demonstrating that the power of music can truly heal and inspire.


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