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Chalkpit Cassette Club Revives a Musical Relic, Whilst Elevating Upcoming Artists

There's nothing better than reviving a cultural relic, whilst elevating new upcoming artists along the way. Chalkpit Records are wholeheartedly committed to unleashing a new breed of talent on the Cassette Format. Having just announced the brand-new Next Wave Cassette Magazine - Volume 3 which has started shipping out from today. They are people who immerse themselves in the D-I-Y attitude, elevating artists and other creatives along the way. It feels like a real victory to still see music being released in physical form, particularly on cassette.

So, what exactly is their mission, "Our mission is to champion cassette culture and celebrate the format and it’s exceptional musical qualities. We want to introduce a brand-new generation to the format that played a crucial role in the development of physical and portable music."

They work closely with artists in forming releases and creating a collectable piece of art which represents their visions and engages their fans directly. Whilst their team might not have been born when the cassette tape was in its prime, it's ultimately their passion and our unparalleled curiosity to experience what once was, that allows us to craft a new era for the cassette tape, promoting new artists through Chalkpit Cassette Club that are on the brink of brilliance.

So what artists are actually featuring on the cassette? FLOWVERS are an English Indie/Alternative band from the South coast city of Portsmouth. A Band Shaped Cloud will feature on the tape, the 4 piece psychedelic rock band are self-described as the sonic equivalent of a butterfly dogfight. Also featuring is Maddie Moon - a self-produced singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist inspired by the universe and the retro aesthetics of the 80s/70s.

Marella is also on the cassette - his September release Cinnamon Lipstick was recorded at the Brandenburg House in Isla Vista, California, 2022. It was without doubt on of our tracks of the year in 2022. Swan Levitt features - he's a local to Chalkpit, being based in the Isle of Wight. Make sure to check out his self-titled debut EP if you haven't already. Leeds legends Adult DVD will also be contributing - one of our favourite bands around.

Arcade Hearts who've were featured on BBC Radio last year will also be on the cassette. catch them on their UK Tour. Dolores Forever, a band making huge waves join the cassette, having been tipped by the majority of UK Publications as the band to watch in 2023. They meld infectious pop with indie and a touch of folk. Currls are one of our favourite acts on the cassette, they finished 2022 in style with their UK tour which launched standout EP ‘Hello, My Name Is'.

Last but not least, The Thing With Feathers are an alt-rock, indie pop and dance powerhouse who feature, fueled by three of Nashville’s favorite fools: David Welcsh (vocals), Alex Hendricks (lead guitar) and Chris Roussell (drums).

Next Wave is the exciting new way to collect and discover the next generation of artists on limited edition cassette and print magazine. Each volume includes a stylish physical music magazine and a limited edition cassette featuring over 40 Minutes of unmissable new music

You can order yourself a copy or sign up to the monthly subscription in the link HERE.


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