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BTS With Caity Baser

Rising pop star Caity Baser took to the stage at the O2 Forum, Kentish Town for her final show of the ‘Thanks for Nothing, See you Never Tour”, with support from Michael Aldag & Natalie Shay. Her sold out show of her biggest tour yet, opened with one of her most popular singles ‘Friendly Sex’. Caity sported a fluorescent orange 2 piece, against a bedroom styled stage set, whilst providing ecstatic and chaotic energy to her buzzing fans. Caity performed her latest singles, as well as some of her older music, to which the crowd knew every word. She also teased a new song, which she announced she is excited to be releasing shortly and definitely is already much loved by her fans.

The young artists’ performance was nothing short of spectacular, as she held the audience in the palm of her hand the entire time. The 2000+ crowd were jumping and dancing the whole night, especially to ‘Kiss You’ & ‘2020’s’. Through all her tracks, Caity had a deep connection with her audience, who sang back to her from start to finish. This is only the beginning for Caity, and there is no doubt her fans will be eager for more!

Resident photographer Felicity Bearfoot-Fallon headed down to the final show of the tour to take some photos of an artist at the peak of her creative powers:

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