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Beast Parade Emerges from Portland's Rock Legacy

In the heart of the West Coast, where the echoes of Soundgarden, Tool, and Queens of the Stone Age reverberate through the musical landscape, emerges a duo poised to carve their name into the annals of modern rock. Portland's very own Beast Parade, comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Kuttruff and drummer Tim Fiori, are set to unleash a monstrous sound that transcends the sum of its parts.

The journey for Kuttruff and Fiori hasn't followed a straight line, reminiscent of the winding trails blazed by many musicians on their ascent. Years spent honing their craft in the group Gods and Kings may not have marked the pinnacle, but what endured was the musical camaraderie forged between the two. Now, as Beast Parade, they're ready to make a seismic impact with the release of their debut EP, "Nightmares," slated for February 2nd. The anticipation crescendos with a release show on February 1st at McMenamin’s White Eagle Saloon in the heart of Portland, Oregon, promising a night where the energy of West Coast rock tradition converges with the next chapter in Beast Parade's sonic evolution.

Led-Zeppelin – Kashmir

Led-Zeppelin are the best rock band that has been or ever will be. Full stop. All of us other rockers are clumsily playing in some corner of their sandbox. This song in particular -well, the sample of it in Puff Daddy’s awful “Come With Me” from the even worse 1998 American Godzilla movie- is directly responsible for getting us both to start playing music as adolescent ne’er-do-wells.

Queens of the Stone Age – I Appear Missing

How does Josh Homme manage to write such haunting, groovy music with that cocky, drunken swagger that seems like it doesn’t give a shit while simultaneously having such vulnerable, honest, heartbreaking lyrics? If you find out, will you let us know? “It’s only falling in love because you hit the ground.” If we ever write something this good, we can just pack up shop and call it a day.

Tool – Lateralus

“Lateralus” is a perfect song. Rarefied air on a high mountaintop that only “Stairway to Heaven” and a handful of other songs can breathe. No wanking about the Fibonacci sequence or any other proggy, polyrhythmic bullshit here. Tool are almost weirdly elemental in their musical power and have influenced us in every way imaginable. Old guys that write unapologetic, heavy, long-ass songs? Check, check, check, and check.

Red Fang – Wires

Matt here. Have to heap some love upon our hometown Portland heroes, Red Fang. I first saw them many moons ago at a local showcase and promptly had my brain blown right out of my skull. They bring something unique to the stoner metal subgenre: melody and actual songwriting. The pairing of Aaron Beam’s crystal clear voice with Bryan Giles caveman howl is perfection, and no one makes Hessian aggression so much fun. Their sense of humor while doling out metric tons of pop-tinged metal sludge is admirable as hell and a huge deal for us.

Alice in Chains - Angry Chair

It is I, me (Tim), and heavy, depressive music is what made me want to start drumming in the first place. This band, this album, and this song specifically capture such haunting melodies and deliver a massive wall of sorrow. Though Sean Kinney is a great drummer, what inspired me the most about this song was realizing the emotional landscapes that you can create with music, and that you can really make people feel what you're feeling. Also, we love a good double vocal, blaring guitars, and heavy sadness echoing through our noggin'.


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