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Audio-Technica x Melodic Distraction x NAM Sound System at Gottwood Festival

Liverpool's renowned radio station, Melodic Distraction, joins forces with Audio-Technica and Manchester's NAM listening bar to deliver an extraordinary live radio experience at Gottwood Festival. A captivating documentary captures the behind-the-scenes journey of running a radio station from the heart of one of the UK's most esteemed electronic music festivals.

The film takes viewers into the intricacies of establishing and managing a remote radio station in North Wales. Follow the Melodic Distraction and NAM teams as they set up and deliver over 50 hours of live broadcasting across four electrifying days.

The festival showcased top-tier performances by artists like Conducta, Ruf Dug, Crazy P, Jay Carder B2B Trieste, Scarlett O’Malley, Adam Pits, Dowd, Outhouse Sounds, Zuku, and an array of talented Liverpool and Manchester locals. Relive the incredible sets on Melodic Distraction's Mixcloud page.

Powered by Audio-Technica, the groundbreaking project involved transforming a 40ft shipping container into a cutting-edge radio studio, equipped with Audio-Technica Direct Drive Turntables, needles, carts, microphones, and turntable weights. NAM contributed a vintage JBL hifi sound system, turning the radio station into a captivating live stage.

Josh Aitman of Melodic Distraction shared his thoughts on the collaboration, stating, "It means a lot when brands like AT are invested in making independent ideas happen!" Producer Beth Harris also shared her delight, noting the exceptional performances and the thrill of experiencing radio played out to a live audience in real-time.

Zuku's Dig This summed up the sentiment perfectly, saying, "It's almost like every festival should have a Melodic Distraction set up somewhere." This one-of-a-kind radio endeavor brought music lovers together and celebrated the vibrant spirit of independent radio.

The captivating documentary is a testament to the power of collaboration and passion for music, leaving audiences yearning for more incredible experiences from Melodic Distraction, Audio-Technica, and NAM in the future.


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