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'Grow': Necktr Release new EP Featuring Remixes From Leeds Producers

Formed in Leeds in 2016, Necktr are a band that have been making notable strides in recent years. With 8 members, the group is able to seamlessly fuse together elements of soul, jazz, hip hop, and a wide array of other sounds to create a uniquely captivating style both live and recorded. Since they formed, Necktr have gone on to support artists including Giles Peterson and Nubiyan Twist, and have three releases to date, the most recent of which being their new EP 'Grow'.

"Imagine the music of Mulatu Astatke met the soundscapes of the Cinematic Orchestra, and you’ll be somewhere close to placing the track."

'Grow' takes us down a slightly different avenue than we are used to from previous releases, with the track shining a light on the groups West African influences. With expansive, cinematic atmospherics and deeply emotional lyrical content exploring the complexities of oppression with relationships, 'Grow' is a powerful piece of music to say the least.

The track is 8 minutes long in total, and meanders sensitively between spoken word provided by vocalist Esme Bridie, to climatic soaring strings of violinist Jed Holland. All the while, the intricate driving percussion retains an implacable energy that continues to build, with vocalist B-ahw providing the ad libs. As usual, Necktr deliver deeply layered and immersive sonic experience.

Alongside 'Grow' are three remixes from some of Leeds' finest. First up are Breaka and Sourpuss providing their respective takes upon the title track, and then, from Dubrunner and Adam Pits, a collaborative remix of Necktr's previously released single Cold Water.

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