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The Boys Next Door: The Team Behind London's New Record Store

Next Door Records will open in Shepherd’s Bush on 12th August

As the Government continues to ease its lockdown restrictions, more and more of the city is opening up for us all to enjoy once again. Record shops, a beloved part of London’s music community, are included among the sites allowed to welcome customers under these new guidelines. In conjunction with new guidelines Next Door Records will be opening their doors for the first time this week in Shepherds Bush, London, The project has seen Louis, Alfie and Thom come together in lockdown to make a positive change, creating an inclusive space for all to enjoy. Ahead of their opening we spoke to the boys Next Door about the journey they've been on so far and what they have in store for the general public.

What is next door records?

We’re a new record shop, cafe and bar in West London opening 12 August. Coming from different corners of the music scene, the three of us (Louis, Alfie & Thom) are above all passionate about sharing, learning and swapping great music. Facing gig cancellations and a drying up of work opportunities. We came together through lockdown to make the most out of our impending boredoms. We’re lucky as a trio in that we've had experience in quite different areas of the music spectrum - this should come across in store, where we’ll be attempting to stock quite a broad range of forwarding thinking sounds.

Where did you guys meet and how did the idea come around to create the store?

This project differs to some of the stuff we’ve been involved with before in the sense of how physical the space is. We really wanted to develop somewhere in equal measures of approachability and tangibility. In the modern age of social media the serious importance of meeting and interacting directly with other creatives has been a little bit overlooked. With the shop we have the opportunity to both remain in contact, reach out and create genuine face to face relationships with like minded individuals - something we want to emphasise across the creative spectrum at next door.

How difficult has it been as a project to do during lockdown?

Without this lockdown the shop would simply not exist - with a break on our regular routines and time to sit back and gather some ideas - we were able to start planning this mammoth project without the pressures of our more ‘ordinary’ work patterns. As we look to opening we now have our fingers and toes crossed that we can make use of the space exactly how it was meant to be.

What are the long term aims of the store?

Looking forward we want to create a creative hub for our generation. Somewhere that artists, DJ’s and creatives know and recognise as an Important kingpin in the thriving London scene. This includes refining and growing the food and drink side of our business. We hope that at some point we’ll be able to have a serious corner in this side of the market as well as the music. For now the music and bar are coming first but it won’t be long - so keep an eye out !

How can people get involved and help support the work you are doing?

Having a physical space makes it really approachable for people looking to get involved - simply come in and say hello ! We’re aiming to become as community centred as possible - and the shop will always run with an open arms approach to any kinds of proper support. If you have any ideas just let us know - we’d love to hear ! (Alfie, Louis & Thom from Next Door)

You can Find Out More Learn about Next Door Records follow the store on Instagram.

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