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Black Junglist Alliance: The New Collective Aiming to Unite Black Artists Within Jungle & D'

Launched with the aim of ensuring that black artists are adequately represented within the genre, the Black Junglist Alliance is a new online portal that seeks to showcase the talent of Black artists within Jungle and Drum & Bass.

BJA is the creation of Inperspective Records founder Chris Inperspective. Chris has been frequently vocal about the issue of the whitewashing of the UK drum and bass scene, and hopes that BJA will ensure that appropriate representation is reached.

"The picture out there isn't correct and isn't inline with what music is being made in regards to the YouTube channels that are currently presenting Jungle Drum and bass', Chris explains. "That picture needs to be changed and the Black Junglist Alliance TV can help change that."

BJA is a team of driven and dedicated people who will undoubtedly provide an invaluable resource for the currently underrepresented Black artists in the scene across the UK. Creative illustrator Neil Stevens said that: "I’m looking forward to curating a platform that seeks to confirm the contribution of Black people to this music and the scene we all love. We’re here to highlight the legacy, the heroes and heroines, and the future contributors to this music from an unashamedly Afrocentric perspective."

"Send us your music because we want to give you a platform for Black artistry and Black excellence to be represented through the medium of jungle and drum & bass."

You can submit your music here.

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