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Stunts, Vomit & Cocaine: The World’s Most Deranged Rap Crew

MCs, stunts and doing keys; Bad Boy Chiller Crew are the so-called Beatles of Bradford. The West Yorkshire rap group are single handedly bringing back Bassline (a UK Garage offshoot) while vomiting their way to social media fame by posting viral Jackass-style council estate skits that have allegedly gained them 150 million views and legions of loyal fans. Vice have recently shot a documentary detailing the rise of the Bad Boy Chiller Crew, who have taken West Yorkshire and internet by storm.

Their songs recite stories of ‘bikes, jewellery and JD Sports’ that have made the West Yorkshire rappers an underground hit. Now they’re aiming for the mainstream VICE’s Tir Dhondy heads up north to hang out with them ahead of their first world tour and find out if the Bad Boy Chiller Crew are for realsies and whether they are going to take over the world or fade into obscurity? It really is one of the most ridiculous things we've ever watched and we hope you enjoy it.

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